XG Reflects on Unique Debut as Hip-hop and R&B Girl Group in Korea

Credit: MNET KPOP/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: MNET KPOP/YouTube Screenshot

XG members looked back at their beginnings and opened up about what it was like to make a Korean debut despite being an all-Japanese group.

Debuted on Mar. 18, 2022, under Xgalx, the group introduced its seven members — Jurin, Cocona, Chisa, Maya, Harvey, Hinata, and Juria — nearly a year ago.

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XG Shares Debut Story Ahead of 1st Anniversary

Ahead of XG's 1st debut anniversary, the girl group had its first-ever media interview with The Korea Herald on Feb. 17. During the discussion, the members took their time to share their debut story with the publication.

The all-Japanese members underwent the K-pop training system for five years despite having different nationality.

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"We trained for five years, going to and from Japan and Korea. To us, it's like five years of a drama," XG leader Jurin said. "We stayed over in Korea to train for a long time as well. We spent much of the training on honing the basics."

Meanwhile, another XG member, Harvey, said she had a nosebleed while training. Instead of quitting, she reportedly got back to work even with tissues in her nose.

The training brought a lot of pressure on them as they had to undergo four evaluation tests per month. With that, they had to cut down on their sleep.

Chisa recalled seeing Jurin that way, adding that her co-member tried to memorize five sets of raps for one evaluation test. To practice those raps, she reportedly had to stay up until 5 a.m.

XG Makes Its Way into K-pop Industry

XG has released several hit songs since its debut.

The girl group initially dominated the industry with its debut single, Tippy Toes. It then released two more singles, Mascara and Shooting Star.

Among the singles, the members had to practice Mascara for two years. With that, they said it remains the most memorable moment for them.

"It was the first time our fans came to support us live, and we were so nervous and full of thankful hearts toward them," Chisa said.

At the end of the interview, the members expressed their excitement to show more of themselves in the next few years.

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