X-Men: Keanu Reeves Has Sights Set on Playing Wolverine

Credit: WB

Credit: WB

Fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe have long been clamoring for Keanu Reeves to become part of the billion-dollar franchise and bafflingly enough, the beloved actor has yet to set foot in Earth-616. Admittedly, Reeves, who is a hardcore comic book fan himself wants to play a Marvel superhero and his latest remarks will delight the fandom.

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Participating in a Reddit AMA (via The Direct), the John Wick franchise star revealed that he's always had his sights set on playing Wolverine. Responding to a question about the roles he regretted turning down, Reeves said he doesn't have any before noting that "[he] did always want to play Wolverine".

Previously, Keanu stated that he was interested in playing Ghost Rider, saying that his 10-year-old self would have loved to see him portray Johnny Blaze in live-action. Now, it appears that the beloved actor would be open to taking on other roles in the MCU given the opportunity.

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Last year, Keanu also confirmed that he was once in talks with Marvel Studios for a possible role in the MCU but sadly, it never materialized. We don't know for sure if the two parties have maintained their communication lines open but Keanu's latest remark is very telling of his aspirations to join the Marvel Universe and it just might give Feige and his team an idea.

However, I don't think he'd be an actual contender for the Wolverine role because logically speaking, the studio's move would be casting a much younger actor for the part.

Speaking of Wolverine, Hugh Jackman is set to make his grand comeback as the claw-slashing mutant in Deadpool 3.

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