X-Men '97 Director Addresses Captain America's Upcoming Appearance

X-Men '97
Credit: Marvel Animation

X-Men '97
Credit: Marvel Animation

The director of X-Men '97 recently teased what they have in store for the upcoming guest appearance of Captain America.

A recently released TV spot revealed that the beloved Avenger is set to appear in an upcoming episode by showing a quick glimpse of his iconic shield.

It wouldn't be the first time that Captain America will show up in the X-Men '90s animated universe since he also notably appeared in an episode of the original series where teamed up with Wolverine in a World War II adventure.

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Fans Should Expect a Different Captain America in X-Men '97

Captain America shield in X-Men '97
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Credit: Marvel Animation

In a recent interview, X-Men '97 director Jake Castrorena addressed the impending arrival of Captain America in the series where he teased that it won't be the same Steve Rogers that we know in the MCU.

"I mean, call space spade. We saw Cap's shield. You know what, a lot of people tend to forget that Cap of the nineties wasn't the same as our Steve Rogers. Steve Rogers in the 90s had a little bit of a bias against the mutants," he explained.

"But, yeah, what I will say is, the reason why I love the X-Men so much, and why I value them over a lot of the other Marvel teams that we have, because there's a lot of great ones at the end of the day, is they've got the danger room."

Castrorena added, "Man, the X-Men trained for this stuff. They have a danger room, and everybody else just wings that stuff."

It is certainly exciting to see how Captain America's appearance will play out since it looks like he will be in conflict with the X-Men when he shows up and he won't be as friendly as we think he will be.

The director also seemingly hinted that other Marvel characters may also show up which is also an exciting tease. It is something that fans will be looking forward to as they anticipate the upcoming episodes in the rest of the season.

New episodes of X-Men '97 premiere every Wednesday on Disney+.

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