X-Force: Ryan Reynolds Wants Hugh Jackman in the Movie, but NOT as Wolverine

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Hugh Jackman may have quit the Wolverine role back in Logan, but he manages to be frequently mentioned in the Deadpool films. With Ryan Reynolds and the gang now working on X-Force, Reynolds says that he wants Jackman in the fray—but not as Logan or Wolverine.

Talking with Buzzfeed, Reynolds and the cast of Deadpool 2 were asked on who they would want to appear in X-Force with them, to which Reynolds replied:

"I'm just going to double-down on Hugh Jackman… But not as Logan. Just as Hugh Jackman."


No doubt, the closest thing we had to Jackman actually appearing in a Deadpool movie was when they took some of his X-Men Origin footage and put it in the film, but it would be funny what they could do to Jackman appearing as himself.

In the comics, Wade and Logan have a very playful relationship, and it seems that Reynolds is trying to pull the same chemistry with Jackman in real life. Hopefully Jackman is as game as Reynolds is. I mean, the guy was able to get Brad Pitt to cameo for half a second in Deadpool 2. How could he not get Jackman for a small role?

No release date has been set for X-Force.

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