Deadpool 2 Almost Featured Cable's Strange-Looking Ally

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There is little doubt that Deadpool 2 would've been a lot different if Tim Miller stayed in charge. For one, the sequel may have introduced one of Cable's long-time allies.

Miller was initially set to direct Deadpool 2 and had already come up with some interesting ideas for the Ryan Reynolds film. One of his plans allegedly included the strange-looking Blaquesmith, who served as Cable's guardian in the comic books. However, Miller clearly wanted a different look for the X-Men character. Concept artist Alexander Lozano has just shared Miller's edgier concept for Blaquesmith. Check it out below.

Blaquesmith's look is certainly different from the character's comic book appearance. Lozano's caption even suggests that Blaquesmith would have been a villain in Deadpool 2 instead of Cable's ally. It is possible that Miller initially wanted the character to go up against Josh Brolin's Nathan Summers before the sequel was allowed to use Juggernaut. The concept art's prison garb obviously means Blaquesmith would have been incarcerated in the same prison as Firefist and Wade Wilson.


In the comic books, Blaquesmith was a mutant who could forge any type of weapon. Although he was Cable's ally, Blaquesmith also tried to kill Cyclops when he returned to the past. Miller's take on the character certainly makes him a dangerous adversary both for Cable and Deadpool. Unfortunately, we will never get to see Miller's plans for Blaquesmith.

The Deadpool 2 DVD and Blu-Ray will be released on August 21.

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