Wyatt Russell Admits His Captain America Would've Failed Miserably Against Thanos

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Credit: Marvel Studios

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier may have introduced us to arguably the most despised character the Marvel Cinematic Universe has seen to date in the form of John Walker aka the "new" Captain America. To call him the most hated man in the franchise is a bit of an understatement because in just two episodes alone, the character played by Wyatt Russell was able to generate an incredible amount of heat that even Thanos wasn't able to do.

In fact, the actor's portrayal of the arrogant John Walker has received so much hate that people are now actually sending Russell death threats. It's crazy but on the other hand, it goes to prove that he's able to play the character well despite his lack of knowledge about the Marvel universe.

But despite his character's brash and cocky nature, even Wyatt himself knows his place in the card, and when asked if John Walker has what it takes to defeat Thanos all by himself, he simply said that while he's willing to try, he can't exactly guarantee victory. In an interview with PopBuzz, the new Cap explained: "I mean, Thanos can, like, kill everybody; you need like, the team of Avengers, everybody in the world to defeat him. John Walker would've probably been stepped on like an ant if he'd been doing it alone."

He later said that Walker isn't someone who's going to back down from a fight but accepts that he's no supersoldier much like his predecessor Steve Rogers who at one point in Avengers: Endgame took Thanos to the limit. "He would've tried very hard and failed valiantly."

You gotta admire Russell's honestly and quite frankly, he's right. While characters like Scarlet Witch and Captain Marvel came pretty close to obliterating Thanos, in the end, it still took the collective effort of the entire Avengers team to make the Mad Titan fall to his knees. But as for John Walker, I believe he has the tools to become a formidable hero in the franchise. Outside his arrogance, he still has heart and that's vital in becoming a great hero.

The latest episode of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier is now streaming on Disney+.

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