WWE Superstars Show Off Their Marvel Fandom

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It's always cool when two geek worlds collide. This has been fairly recurrent in the world of pro wrestling where these athletes show their love or interest in superheroes, which makes sense since pro wrestlers are the closest thing we have to real-life superheroes. Two WWE superstars showed off their love for Marvel recently in NXT Takeover: Brooklyn IV and SummerSlam 2018.


Johnny Gargano, aka Johnny Wrestling, has been in a fairly personal feud with former partner and Infinity Warspoiler Tomasso Ciampa. The feud has actually had plenty of layers to it, as it has changed Gargano for the worse, making him an obsessive person whose vendetta has hurt those around him, with the most recent example being Aleister Black, who lost his championship to Ciampa after Gargano interfered.

He decided to symbolize his character's personal struggle by wearing a Venom-inspired jacket and Spider-Man-like trunks for his Takeover match. This works really well since Gargano has basically gone to the dark side and become the monster he aimed to vanquish, which isn't too dissimilar to Venom's goals or Spider-Man when he was possessed by the symbiote.


Seth Rollins wasn't as intricate with his attire but he still had a fairly cool Thanos-like jacket and tights. Granted, his character isn't obsessed with death or balance but he does want the Intercontinental Championship from Dolph Ziggler.

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Both superstars have shown their fandom a number of times. Gargano once worse a Thor: Ragnarok-like jacket to the ring and Rollins was basically a Game of Thrones White Walker during this year's WrestleMania.

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