WWE Wrestler Spoils Infinity War Ending For Heel Heat

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If there is one thing fans have learned about watching the MCU, it's that you shouldn't spoil the movie for anyone, especially when it just comes out. That rule has some added gravitas with the recent release of Avengers: Infinity War, the biggest film in Marvel Studios history. What does one have to gain for spoiling the film? Only someone with a black heart would relish in that.

Enter WWE superstar Tomasso Ciampa.

The most hated man in WWE's NXT brand, Ciampa basically spoiled the film on Twitter so he can be even more despised. Wrestling fans will acknowledge how this move is genius in his part since it shows how dedicated he is to play a villain, though they might be too busy hating him if they haven't seen Infinity War yet.

As fans can see, Ciampa does not care if you haven't seen the movie yet. The fact that he relates to Thanos is also a huge heel (wrestling term for bad guy) move.


In an age where fans have so much access to the nit and gritty backstage details of wrestling, Tomasso Ciampa has been a breath of fresh air. Well, if you consider toxic clouds fresh air. His recent storyline with former partner Johnny Gargano has made him the most hated wrestler on the planet. The fact that even fans who know its fake hate his guts is an impressive feat on itself and shows that good storytelling can overcome whatever insider knowledge WWE fans might be aware of.

Avengers: Infinity War is now showing in theaters. Fans can see Ciampa's evil acts in NXT if they have the WWE Network, which is only US$9.99 a month.

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