Arrow's Stephen Amell is Wrestling Again in Next Month's All In

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Fans of Arrow lead Stephen Amell know that he's a huge wrestling fan. It all started with WWE SummerSlam a few years ago, when he teamed up with Neville to take on Cody Rhodes, who was Stardust at the time, and Wade Barrett. Amell soon became close friends with Rhodes and appeared with him in a few indie events as a member of the Bullet Club, once Rhodes left WWE, though he hasn't wrestled since.

That all changes next month, as Amell, will be taking on indie wrestling veteran Christopher Daniels during All In, the biggest indie wrestling event to date. It's a huge deal getting a celebrity to appear in WWE, let alone an indie show, so this could be something special.

Amell hyped up the match on Instagram, talking about how he's technically undefeated since he and Neville won their tag match in the aforementioned Summerslam event a few years ago. His opponent Daniels fired back on Twitter, claiming that he would cancel Arrow. It's a great bit of fun and could be something special.

Wrestling fans might be a bit worried about this match but Daniels is a pretty good wrestler and Amell has proven that he can be carried to a passable match. Plus, there are other matches to look forward to, featuring the likes of Rhodes, Kenny Omega, The Young Bucks, and Rey Mysterio.

All In is next month, so fans better get ready. Arrow returns for a seventh season on October 15.

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