Wrestler Adam Copeland Wants To Be Cable in Deadpool 2

Edge: Trevor Botting/ Cable (modified with addition of Edge): Marvel

Another actor has joined the long roster of actors who want to star in Deadpool 2 as Cable. Actually, it's wrestler Adam Copeland, who goes by the name of Edge.

The idea started when Copeland was asked by a fan tweeted how she thinks it would be interesting to see Edge as the psychic character. Well, it seems Copeland shares the fan's sentiment. He tweeted back:

Appearance wise, it does seem Edge can pull off the Cable look given a few retouches. As for the moves, while I'm not too familiar with Edge's action sequences, considering that wrestling involves quite a hefty amount of training and stunt-work, Copeland can be a good contender for the role.

We'll see who Fox will choose to cast as Cable for the Deadpool sequel probably in a few more weeks, or even months, since the movie still has an uncertain release date for 2017. It makes me excited though for who will be cast as the character. The list is growing, and I wouldn't be surprised if more stars would sign up for the auditions.

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