21 Jan 2021 4:35 PM +00:00 UTC

Working Title For Marvel's Secret Invasion Reportedly Revealed

Nick Fury and Talos will be back in a limited series, Marvel's Secret Invasion, and it will reportedly be using the title of Secret Invasion #8 comic series which was released in 2008 by Brian Michael Bendis, Leinil Francis Yu, Mark Morales and Laura Martin.

The series is reportedly operating with a recently-registered production company which is potentially connected to Marvel, the project is Changeup Productions. Rumors also include that the production would start filming around mid-2021.

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Credit: Marvel Studios

This is not new to Marvel as a lot of their previous titles operate under a different title before the work is shown-off and released to the public.


According to Marvel Studios Boss Kevin Feige, Secret Invasion will be a perfect fit for a television series as they are in the interest of the paranoia aspect of the comic-book series. Samuel L. Jackson and Ben Mendelsohn will be reprising their roles as Nick Fury and Talos.

This will follow the story of Fury and Talos as previously seen on Captain Marvel. The story would be evolving around the invasion of the Skrulls on Earth. The Skrulls have been introduced in Captain Marvel as shapeshifting aliens who can copy humans. The Secret Invasion hints that the Skrulls have been taking the form of MCU heroes and being impostors of their own.

Feige confirms that Secret Invasion will tie into other things in the MCU and that the Skrulls would be appearing in ways never-before-seen. Feige added that anything could be anything and the series would allow them to make something that they had never done before.

There is no release date yet for Secret Invasion. It will be released on Disney+.

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