Woody Harrelson Praises Alden Ehrenreich's Acting On Solo: A Star Wars Story

Woody Harrelson might have been pretty conservative about releasing information about Solo: A Star Wars Story, but he certainly has a lot of great things to say about Alden Ehrenreich.

Harrelson just recently went on an interview with Jimmy Kimmel on Jimmy Kimmel Live to talk about Lucasfilm's newest Star Wars spinoff movie.While he was on the show, Harrelson opened up a little about working with Ehrenreich, praising Lucasfilm's young Han Solo star for his skill and for his charisma.

"I'm just very happy you guys got to see Alden Ehrenreich, who I think is a great actor, and I think incredibly charismatic," Harrelson told Kimmel. "He's Han Solo and I think you guys are really gonna love him."

There's been a lot of doubt about Ehrenreich's ability to portray the young Han Solo, which isn't a surprise considering the shoes he has to fill. However, given all the praise that Ehrenreich has been given, fans probably shouldn't worry as much.

During the interview, Harrelson also debuted a new clip of his character Beckett which might actually give fans all the information they need about Han's mentor.

Check it out down here:

In the video, Beckett and Val (Thandie Newton) go on to discuss how to carry out a mission together. While they talk, Han, who still seems to be part of the Imperial Academy at this point, interrupts the two saying that he wants in on their plan.

It's a pretty straightforward clip showing where Han and Beckett first come to meet each other. Though some might consider the video a spoiler, we already know that Beckett's a scoundrel to begin with.

Solo: A Star Wars Story hits cinemas May 25.

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