26 Dec 2020 1:03 PM +00:00 UTC

Wonder Woman 1984 Rotten Tomatoes Score is Here, Is it 'Certified Fresh'?

Wonder Woman 1984 is finally out and fans simply can't get enough of the DC Extended Universe flick. But how did critics react to the second Wonder Woman film? The sequel's Rotten Tomatoes score has been revealed and it looks like it failed to be "Certified Fresh."

Rotten Tomatoes originally gave Wonder Woman 1984 a positive rating and the movie was initially "Certified Fresh." However, new reviews have come in after the sequel was released in selected theaters and on HBO Max. The new reviews somehow pulled down the film's Tomatometer score which is now at a respectable 67%.

The critics consensus was also updated on the site. "Wonder Woman 1984 struggles with sequel overload, but still offers enough vibrant escapism to satisfy fans of the franchise and its classic central character," it reads.

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Credit: Warner Bros.

Although Wonder Woman 1984 is no longer "Certified Fresh", it still has a stellar score from audiences. Viewers have given the DCEU sequel an impressive 74% score.


Wonder Woman 1984 had to deal with several problems before its release. Although the film was supposed to premiere last year, it has been pushed back repeatedly in 2020 due to COVID-19. Warner Bros. was determined to give the movie a full theatrical release but was eventually forced to find another option. This is why the second Wonder Woman flick was released both theatrically in limited cinemas as well as on HBO Max.

Have you watched Wonder Woman 1984 yet? You can now watch it for free on HBO Max.

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