Wonder Woman 1984 Director Comments on the Film's Latest Delay

It looks like Wonder Woman 1984 and The New Mutants are starting to have a few things in common. Both movies are comic book adaptations that have finished filming but continue to get delayed due to unforeseen circumstances. Wonder Woman 1984 was supposed to show last year but was delayed so that it could come out in the summer but that didn't pan out, due to COVID-19. Sadly, things haven't gotten any better and the movie won't be making its August release date, now moving to October 2.

Patty Jenkins, the director of Wonder Woman and the upcoming sequel, responded to the news. Like most fans of the DC heroine, she was pretty disappointed by the delay since this movie has been finished for the longest time. As her post states, she would have liked it if the movie had been released yesterday but forces out of her control have led to this delay.

We honestly wouldn't be too surprised if other movies end up getting delayed due to this. While Marvel's Black Widow seemingly made a good move by choosing a late November release, there is a good chance that could get delayed as well. Since there is no proper cure for the Coronavirus, as of this writing, it's really hard to plan public events like this.

Still, let's hope that things can calm down so that we can finally start normalizing socializing again. Wonder Woman 1984 will now be coming out on October 2 so let's hope that is the final release date unless something else happens.

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