Disney Announces Release Date for The New Mutants But Will it Actually Come Out?

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It looks like they're giving it another shot, for better or worse. Disney has announced that The New Mutants, which is the final X-Men-related piece of media that 20th Century Studios will be releasing, has yet another release date. After it seemed like the movie would be coming out on April 3, Corona happened and the movie will now be coming out later this year, on August 28.

Disney is really hoping that movie theaters get to open up this July so picking an August release is far from a bad idea, especially since this is a movie that a lot of people have wanted to check out for years now. Interest in superhero movies is still at an all-time high so there's a pretty good chance that this film could do well, though a lot of people are worried due to the terrible reception X-Men: Dark Phoenix received.

The New Mutants will basically be a horror movie with superpowers so it will be interesting to see if they can pull this off. Most of us are just glad that Disney is releasing this movie since there was originally concern about it being canceled. Fans were also open to a VOD release due to Artemis Fowl getting one but it looks like Disney and 20th Century Studios feel that this should be seen in theaters.

After numerous delays, The New Mutants will be coming out on August 28. Hopefully, things will be better by then because COVID-19 just sucks.

Via ComicBook.com

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