Wonder Woman 1984 Cast Recreates Breakfast Club Poster

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The cast of Wonder Woman 1984 certainly knows how to get people talking. An unofficial cast photo has been making the rounds on social media and clearly recreates the poster for The Breakfast Club.

The picture was previously posted on Instagram by former Game of Thrones actor Pedro Pascal. Although the post has been deleted, several fans have already taken screenshots. After all, it's an adorable photo that makes a direct reference to John Hughes' most popular film. Take a look below.

Gal Gadot poses as Molly Ringwald's princess complete with her Wonder Woman headgear while Pascal crouches as Emilio Estevez's jock. Chris Pine mimics Anthony Michael Hall's nerd with Kristen Wiig beside him looking like Ally Sheedy's basketcase. Director Patty Jenkins sits in as Judd Nelson's rebel.


The photo is certainly on-point considering that The Breakfast Club was one of the biggest films in 1985. Interestingly, the movie would have been shot in 1984, the same year that the new Wonder Woman film is set.

Fans are also excited to see Wiig looking very different from the previous picture of her character Barbara Minerva where she appears bookish and awkward. The new image might offer a glimpse at Barbara's new look as she becomes DC comic book villain Cheetah.

WW84 will also star Natasha Rothwell, Ravi Patel, and Gabriella Wilde in undisclosed roles.

Wonder Woman 1984 is scheduled for release on November 1, 2019.

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