WJSN Shock: Starship Entertainment Reveals Members Exy And SeolA Were In A Minor Car Accident

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Two members of WJSN got involved in a minor car accident while on their way to attend a schedule. WJSN Exy and Seola were reported to have been travelling to a province when the accident happened.

Thankfully, none of the staff members and managers on board was seriously injured. Exy and Seola were also fine and were quickly moved to the emergency room for diagnosis and minor treatment for their muscle pain and bruises.


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Starship Entertainment has released an official statement regarding the said incident.

Hello. This is Starship Entertainment.
Today, August 31, a traffic incident occurred while WJSN members Exy and Seola travelled to the provinces for schedules.
Both the members and managers on board were not seriously injured. They were all immediately transferred to the emergency room for diagnosis and treatment.
As a result of the thorough examination, both members were diagnosed with no fractures but were advised additional treatment and recovery due to muscle pain and bruises.
Following the opinions of the medical staff, we will put our artists’ health as a top priority and do our best to support them as they stabilise and recover to prevent aftereffects.
We will release an update regarding their status after adjusting the schedule earlier, considering the members’ stability and recovery.
We apologize for causing concern to the fans and the staff members.
Thank you.

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WJSN Exy At JTBC The Second World

Recently, WJSN leader Exy has joined the new survival show along with seven other girl group rappers. The show tasks them to go head-to-head in a singing competition to break the prejudice that rappers have no talent in singing.

Exy participates in the program with former Wonder Girls member Yubin, former AOA leader Shin Jimin, MAMAMOO Moonbyul, Oh My Girl Mimi, MOMOLAND JooE, Billlie Moon Sua, and CLASS:y Kim Seonyou.

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WJSN Seola Stars In Seoul Ghost Story

The 2022 South Korean anthology horror film Seoul Ghost Story, known as Urban Myths, consists of ten stories. WJSN Seola stars in one episode about a young woman who takes home a cheap closet to her new house.

Although creeped out by the previous owner of the closet, she had no choice as it was the only one that could fit inside. However, she suddenly experiences sleepless nights when something touches her in the middle of the night.

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Meanwhile, WJSN Exy and Seola previously appeared in the Mnet idol program Queendom 2 with the other group members and won first place.

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