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Big Mouth Episode 10 Recap: Lee Jong Suk Plots A Dangerous Plan To Catch The Big Mouse + Girls' Generation YoonA Enters The Penitentiary As A Nurse

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MBC TV Kdrama Big Mouth continuously gets viewers’ attention with its exciting storyline. Spearheaded by Girls’ Generation YoonA and actor Lee Jong Suk, this hard-boiled noir series is directed by Oh Choong Hwan and written by Kim Ha Ram.

Big Mouth Episode 10 aired on August 27, 2022, at 9:50 PM KST. According to Nielsen Korea, Episode 10 received a nationwide viewership rating of 10%. This was a 1.5% decrease compared to the previous episode’s rating.

Here is a Big Mouth Episode 10 recap and everything that happened in the new Kdrama series from Disney+.

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Big Mouth Episode 10 Recap

Big Mouth Episode 10 sees Park Changho and Warden Park sharing a serious conversation that may have the other in trouble.

When Changho leaves a note on the bible for the Big Mouse, he sees the warden coming inside the church room to meet him.

Changho knows that the warden is not the real Big Mouse and is just another puppet who will act like a pawn and be thrown away in the future. Although the warden tries to prove that he is the real Big Mouse, Changho refuses to believe.

Warden Park shows a tattoo mark on his arm that symbolises he is the Big Mouse, but Changho responds with a teasing smirk. The real Big Mouse left him a tarot card, which was their means of sending signals to each other. Seeing Warden Park in the church room means he is not the real Big Mouse because he does not understand their signals.

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Girls’ Generation YoonA Applies As A Nurse In The Penitentiary In Big Mouth Episode 10

On the other hand, Miho was removed from Gucheon Hospital when she took a blood test on a deceased patient without any consent from her superiors. She decides to apply as a nurse in the penitentiary where her husband is imprisoned.

When she arrives for her interview, she sees the head nurse and another resident applying for the same positions. Miho answers all the interview questions, bringing up her professionalism and qualifications for the job.

Right at that moment, an alarm blares outside the prison field. The psychopath has attacked a co-prisoner, leaving both of them bleeding.

The head nurse runs towards the medical supplies while Miho immediately asks the warden to call an ambulance while she rushes outside to check what’s happening. Miho performs CPR on the psychopath, who has fainted from the electric shots fired by the prison guards.

When the head nurse arrives with the defibrillator, it turns into an unfortunate scenario as it runs out of batteries. Miho continues to perform CPR until the psychopath finally regains consciousness.

Warden Park advises Miho to come with the patient to the hospital, confirming her as the new nurse for the penitentiary. While Miho was left with the patient, she tried to take a blood test in order to prove her theories.

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Lee Jong Suk Plots A Dangerous Plan To Catch The Big Mouse In Big Mouth Episode 10

Persuading Miho to quit the job was no use. So instead of trying once more to convince his wife, Changho tells her his plan as he continuously warns her about the danger she might encounter inside the jail.

It turns out that Changho and Miho know that Mayor Choi Doha is involved with everything that is happening. When Changho told Miho that if the blood test she initially requested was manipulated, then there was a huge possibility that Mayor Choi Doha was also after Professor Seo’s secret paper.

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Meanwhile, Warden Park gets arrested for taking bribes from the prisoners. Gan Soochul replaces him as the acting warden.

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