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Big Mouth Episode 9 Recap: Lee Jong Suk Lures The Real Big Mouse Into His Trap

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Credit: ASTORY/YouTube Screenshot

MBC TV Kdrama Big Mouth is constantly receiving good feedback and bigger attention with its exciting storyline. Spearheaded by Girls’ Generation YoonA and actor Lee Jong Suk, this hard-boiled noir series is directed by Oh Choong Hwan and written by Kim Ha Ram.

Big Mouth Episode 9 aired on August 26, 2022, at 9:50 PM KST. According to Nielsen Korea, Episode 9 received a nationwide viewership rating of 11.5%. This was a 1.1% increase compared to the previous episode’s rating and has become the series’ new personal best.

Here is a Big Mouth Episode 9 recap and everything that happened in the new Kdrama series from Disney+.

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Big Mouth Episode 9 Recap

Big Mouth Episode 9 sees Park Changho revealing himself through a news live streaming while the trial for the three culprits involved in Professor Seo’s death was happening. Miho is in the courtroom to give updates to her husband, while her father and Changho’s attorney are on standby at a nearby cafe.

The public gets amazed at how Changho perfectly predicts the prosecutor’s advances, as well as the fabricated pieces of evidence that have been submitted. Changho cannot show the dashcam recording of the incident, but he tells the public that he has seen it before.

Although he has no evidence to prove them guilty, Changho creates a scenario that will unmask the truth. A hidden camera was put in the cafe where Gong Jihoon met with Jang Heejin. Gong Jihoon tries to take the secret paper and accidentally announces to the public that killing Professor Seo for it was worth it.

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Girls’ Generation YoonA Expresses Her Trust Towards Kim Joo Hun In Big Mouth Episode 9

Although Changho was taken back to jail, Miho was glad their plan was successful. She is confident they will soon clear her husband’s name and prove that he is not the Big Mouse.

Miho updates Mayor Choi Doha about Jang Heejin’s arrival to the US without any idea that he might not be who she thinks he truly is.

It turns out that Mayor Choi Doha was an accomplice in Professor Seo’s murder. He was the one who the culprits called before disposing of the professor’s body.

It was also revealed that Mayor Choi Doha has the gold and the original copy of Professor Seo’s secret paper. There are also some confidential and sensitive documents hidden in his warehouse. However, whether he is the real Big Mouse is not yet clear.

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Lee Jong Suk Tries To Lure In The Real Big Mouse In Big Mouth Episode 9

On the other hand, Changho’s lawyer reveals that Jerry is alive and is currently recovering in the hospital. Changho was relieved about the news and swore to find the real Big Mouse.

As soon as he returns to jail, he continues his plan to lure the real Big Mouse into his trap. He leaves a note on the Bible for the Big Mouse, saying that he knows everything about the secret paper and that if he does not see him on the provided time and date, he will stop helping him anymore.


Changho arrives at the confession room the day after, discovering a reply in the Bible. He sits in the church room, waiting for the Big Mouse to arrive. And when the clock struck 8:00 PM, the door opened, and a silhouette of a man came walking towards him.

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