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Willow: Kevin Pollak Hints at Possible Return After Episode 5 Appearance

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Disney+ has dropped Willow Episode 5, titled Wildwood, featuring the return of Kevin Pollak as Rool the Brownie. After this first appearance, will fans see Pollak in the series again?

Pollak seems to hint at his possible Willow return after Episode 5. So, when will it happen?

Kevin Pollak Hints at Another Willow Appearance

Pollak reunited with Warwick Davis in Disney+’s Willow after doing the film with the same title in 1988.

In the series, Willow caught up with Rool and invited him to join in a quest.

However, Rool seems to have left his adventure days behind and wanted his home life as much as possible.

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So, will fans see him again in Willow?

In an exclusive interview with ComicBook, Pollak seemed to tease he could return in the series finale.

"Well, I can't talk about the future," he said.

Though nothing from his words confirmed his return, he neither confirmed nor denied that he would return to the series—enough for fans to wait for his next appearance again.

The Making of Kevin Pollak’s Willow Appearance

Pollak revealed how his appearance in Willow came about by simply receiving an email.

"Well, I get an email after 34 years that I wasn't expecting,” he said.

“And then to get on a Zoom with Jon Kasdan and have him explain just what the hell he was thinking,” he continued. “And his enthusiasm and love for the movie was pretty amazing and heartwarming. I mean, honestly, this kid was obsessed with this movie."

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From there, he couldn’t help but reflect on the original 1988 film.

"Just joyful and magical and a high-level caliber and pedigree of filmmakers and George Lucas and Ron Howard,” he stated.

“And the special effects team out at Lucas Ranch was real state-of-the-art and their state-of-the-art once again in the series. So that's my memory,” he added. “And also, when my dad met George Lucas, he said... well, shaking his hand, 'I really loved ET.' And to George's credit, George said, 'Oh, me too.'"

Willow, Rool the Brownie Reunion

A Brownie is a “Lesser Faery,” who only stands 10 inches tall and loves mischief. Two Brownies, Rool and Franjean (Rick Overton), accompanied Willow in his adventure in the original movie.

When one of them returned in the series, with Franjean only being mentioned, Rool already became a dad, and the father-daughter banter gave a fresh source of comedy.

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Rool helped Willow with a plan and gave some “cod philosophy.” Sure, they were a delight to see together, but their get-together didn’t really add much substance to the series.

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