A Million Little Things Season 5: Who Dies in the Last and Final Season?

Credit: ABC/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: ABC/YouTube Screenshot

A new image for A Million Little Things Season 5 has dropped and hinted at another possible major character death. As the show gears up for its last and final season, will it end on a sad note?

The official synopsis of A Million Little Things Season 5 teases fans will go to the depths of “friendship, love, and sorrow.” So, does this mean there will be a major painful death happening?

A Million Little Things Season 5 Teaser Photo Hints at Major Death

In the new season’s teaser photo, as obtained by TVLine, Maggie (Allison Miller) is finally pregnant, evident through her baby bump.

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This means she has already surpassed her fertility problems with Gary (James Roday Rodriguez). However, noticing their place, they seem to be gathered at someone’s wake at Delilah’s (Stephanie Szostak) home.

So, what does it mean?

Who Died in A Million Little Things Season 5?

Eddie (David Giuntoli), Katherine (Grace Park), Greta (Cameron Esposito), Regina (Christina Moses), and Maggie are all safe, as they’re seen in the image.

They’re talking to Daniel (Chance Hurstfield), who can be marked safe, too, meaning he’s alive when the wake happens.

However, the big question is, is he doing fine in A Million Little Things Season 5?

Though it’s hard to predict if he’s doing ok based on his body language, everyone’s attention seems to be on Delilah’s son.

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So, does something happen to Delilah? Is the wake at their house for her? What happened to her in France?

It’s also good to note that Sophie (Lizzy Greene) and Rome (Romany Malco) aren’t in the picture. So, where are they, too?

In addition, Gary also seems to be missing. With the return of his cancer in the previous season's finale, fans are worried that he’s nowhere to be seen in what appears to be an important event in the last and final season.

A Million Little Things Season 5 Official Synopsis and Release Date

ABC has officially released the official synopsis and release date of A Million Little Things Season 5.

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“As the final season of our series unfolds, we’ll watch through laughter and tears as we bring this incredible journey to its conclusion,” it reads. “Along the way, we’ll explore the depths of friendship, love and sorrow as we bid this special family of friends goodbye, once again proving that friendship really is a million little things.”

A Million Little Things Season 5 will premiere on February 8.

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