Will There Be a Dance Dance Danseur Season 2?

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Will There Be a Dance Dance Danseur Season 2?

Dance Dance Danseur has come to an end and viewers of the show have been asking if there will be Dance Dance Dansueur season 2.

The series is originally a manga by George Asakura. It was serialized in Weekly Big Comic Spirits in 2015.

MAPPA decided to adapt the manga into an anime and the series was released from April to June 2022.


It follows the story of Junpei Murao, who fell in love with ballet but changed his mind after his father died.

He decided to take on a more masculine persona as he became the head of the family. His life changed when Miyako Godai transferred into his school and convinced him to do ballet again.

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Will There Be a Dance Dance Danseur Season 2?

Dance Dance Danseur Season 2
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As of this writing, there is no news on whether Dance Dance Danseur will be back for another season or not. MAPPA and other studios have not confirmed anything related to the matter.


The good news is that there is still hope for fans of the show.

The Dance Dance Danseur manga is still ongoing as of this writing. This means that there will be enough content to be adapted, giving MAPPA more material for a sequel.

Also, the series received well-response from viewers and trusted sites. It received a score of 7.69/10 on MyAnimeList and even an 8.1/10 on IMBD.

There will also be a release of a Blu-Ray DVD version in Japan which could add a factor to the decision of MAPPA. If the sales are good, the chance for renewal is high.

Not to mention, the sales of the manga will have a factor too. Until then, fans of the series will have to wait for an official announcement.

Those who cannot wait, of course, have another option. The manga is readily available for those who wish to know what happens next. There are a total of 23 volumes released with the latest one available from March 30, 2022.

This way, interested viewers will be able to know the answer to their questions like do Junpei and Miyako end up together? Will Junpei achieve his dream?

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