Do Junpei and Miyako End Up Together in Dance Dance Danseur?

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Do Junpei and Miyako End Up Together in Dance Dance Danseur?

In Dance Dance Danseur, one of the top shipped characters is Junpei and Miyako. It has been established in the series that Junpei likes Miyako, does that mean that Junpei and Miyako will end up together?

The manga and anime are still ongoing as of this writing but we can focus on their current relationship based on the latest chapter. Miyako Godai is a transfer student who decided to help Junpei bring back his love for ballet.

He agreed but his reason was mainly because of her. Their relationship continued to blossom as they start to spend more time together.

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Do Junpei and Miyako End Up Together in Dance Dance Danseur?

Do Junpei and Miyako End Up Together?
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Junpei and Miyako did date. However, the two of them broke up. He started dating Kuroshima and never spoke with Miyako after they graduated.

Based on the recent chapters, Junpei is dating Natsuki Oikawa while Miyako and Ruo are still not together.

From the current progression, it doesn’t seem like the two have a chance to be together again. They have their respective partners although Natsuki does think that Junpei still has feelings for Miyako.

It is important to note that, unlike romance anime or manga, Dance Dance Danseur doesn’t totally focus on the romance aspect. It is more into ballet and the characters’ journey to their goals.

While the progression of Junpei’s love story might not be what readers have expected, his achievements in ballet were impressive.

After graduation, the two of them decided to follow their desired paths. The story is still ongoing, which means a lot of things can still happen. For now, fans will have to wait and see if their desired ship will get back together.

Is Dance Dance Danseur Worth Watching?

Do Junpei and Miyako End Up Together in Dance Dance Danseur Worth Watching
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If you are into ballet or any inspirational series, then Dance Dance Danseur is an ideal show to watch.

It centers on Junpei Murao who gave up his love for ballet after his father died. Miyako Godai came into his life and helped him find his passion once again.

The anime made its premiere in April 2022 as part of the Spring 2022 anime line-up and caught the attention of viewers with its aesthetically-pleasing visuals and good storytelling.


No news about a possible sequel has been announced, so fans will have to wait for an update.

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