Is Dance Dance Danseur a BL or Romance Series?

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Is Dance Dance Danseur a BL or Romance Series?

Any fans of coming of age anime will be excited by the start of Dance Dance Danseur. The gorgeous ballet anime is full of exciting themes, but if you’ve not seen the series, you might be wondering if Dance Dance Danseur is a BL or romance series.

Whether you’re considering Dance Dance Danseur for your watchlist or simply want to know how the story develops, we’ve got you covered!

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What is Dance Dance Danseur About?

Is Dance Dance Danseur a BL or Romance Series? What's it About?
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Based on the Dance Dance Danseur manga, the story follows Junpei, a young boy with a passion for ballet after being moved by a recital he saw as a child. However, societal pressures and his manly father’s death persuade Junpei to give up ballet in favour of a more masculine hobby, Jeet Kune Do.

When new girl Miyako wins his heart, he ends up following him to her family’s ballet studio. Recognising his talent, she seeks to reignite Junpei’s love for ballet.

Is Dance Dance Danseur BL?

Is Dance Dance Danseur a BL Series?
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No, Dance Dance Danseur is not a BL series. The show tackles aspects of masculinity and gender conformity, but the main characters are heterosexual.

It is often a quite cliched belief that male ballet dancers are homosexual, and Dance Dance Danseur plays on some of these notions. The lead character Junpei is also slightly gender fluid in his appearance, something that is also noted in the anime. All of this led people to think that Dance Dance Danseur might be a BL anime.

However, Dance Dance Danseur starts by outlining the importance of Junpei’s attraction and romance with Miyako. In this sense, the story has similar vibes to Your Lie in April, albeit with piano replaced with ballet.


Is Dance Dance Danseur a Romance?

Is Dance Dance Danseur a Romance Series?
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Dance Dance Danseur does feature romance as a key part of its story. However, it’s not a pure romance anime.

Junpei’s attraction to Miyako plays an important part in the early stages of the story, motivating him to pursue ballet. However, Dance Dance Danseur is more about Junpei’s motivation to be the best ballet dancer he can be, with romance being an addition to that main story.

Junpei shows potential, but can he shake off external pressures and become the best ballet dancer he can be? We can’t wait to find out!

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