Are They Making a The NeverEnding Story Reboot?

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Barret Oliver as Bastian Bux riding Falkor in The NeverEnding Story
Credit: Netflix

It's been 38 years since The NeverEnding Story was released. Perhaps, this is why so many people are eager to believe the reports that Disney plans to do a remake of the cult classic film. But the big question remains: is Disney really doing a The NeverEnding Story reboot?

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Here's what we know so far:


Is Disney Doing a The NeverEnding Story Reboot?

Noah Hathaway as Atreyu in The NeverEnding Story
Credit: Netflix

Unfortunately, we wish it were true. Even though there is an unofficial poster circulating on Twitter, the reports that Disney is doing a The NeverEnding Story reboot is simply not true. The poster simply posts the logo of Disney along with the words: "The NeverEnding Story" and a "2024" text below.

At this time, Disney has not confirmed whether they are doing a reboot of the cult classic film. And to be clear, Disney does not have ownership over book rights where the original movie was based on. This is a clear indication that the rumor is fake.

Will There Ever Be a The NeverEnding Story Remake?

Tami Stronach as Childlike Empress in The NeverEnding Story
Credit: Netflix

While the poster circulating on social media is fan-made and simply a rumor, many can't help but wonder if there will ever be a remake of The NeverEnding Story.

As revealed by Deadline a few weeks ago: "a handful of streamers and studios on both sides of the Atlantic" are currently on a bidding war for the film's screen rights.

The writer of The NeverEnding Story, Michael Ende, died in 1995. His estate is open to offers for the movie rights. And because Ende wasn't a fan of the original film, it's possible that his family wants to have more creative control over the remake.

The NeverEnding Story Remake: Is This the First Time?

Barret Oliver as Bastian Bux in The NeverEnding Story
Credit: Netflix

Considering it's been nearly 40 years since the original film came out, we can't help but bring up the other times a studio attempted to do a The NeverEnding Story remake.

More than 10 years ago, it was reported that Warner Bros. was working on an adaptation of the book series. The project would be produced by Kennedy/Marshall Company and Appian (Leonardo DiCaprio's company). But because of difficulties encountered in securing the story's rights, the adaptation did not fall through in 2011.

The reason behind this was that Ende actually hated how his book was being adapted. As reported by Buzzfeed, Ende had his name removed from the credits. And during a German press conference, he said the movie was "revolting" and that his "moral and artistic existence is at stake in this film."

Why Do People Want The NeverEnding Story Remake to Happen?

The NeverEnding Story's Falkor
Credit: Netflix

Although The NeverEnding Story is considered a cult classic, there is reason to believe interest in the remake stemmed from Dustin Henderson (played by Gaten Matarazzo) and Suzie Bingham (played by Gabriella Pizzolo)'s famous rendition in Stranger Things Season 3.


Ever since then, older fans have been clamoring for the film to be brought back. This also sparked the curiosity of the younger fans who never got to see the original films.

You can take a look at this famous scene here:

And this is the trailer for the original film:


We will update this post once we get more information on The NeverEnding Story's remake news.

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