Netflix Releases Stranger Things 3 Full NeverEnding Story Scene

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If you're one of the many viewers who didn't believe that Dustin Henderson has a girlfriend named Suzie, you were probably surprised when the adorable girl finally showed up in the final episode of Stranger Things Season 3. The reveal was made even more awesome because of the song The NeverEnding Story. Now you can relive that moment as Netflix has released the full scene.

In Chapter Eight: The Battle of Starcourt, everyone was relying on Suzie to solve the code that will allow Jim Hopper, Joyce Byers, and Murray Bauman to shut off the Russians' machine. Suzie finally comes to the radio and agrees to help Dustin "save the world" on one condition: "I want to hear it."


Dustin initially tries to convince Suzie that they could do that some other time but she threatens to cut off the conversation (sigh, women). Finally, Dustin agrees and begins singing the Limahl song on the radio, much to everyone's (Erica has the best facial reaction here) surprise.

It's an awesome moment that brings some much-needed lightheartedness in a very tense scene. After all, the adults are waiting for that code while Steve and the other kids are being chased by the monster. Luckily, Suzie delivers right after their impromptu duet.

It may have been released back in 1984 but Stranger Things 3 successfully made The NeverEnding Story one of the best parts of the third season. Not surprisingly, the song gained popularity both on YouTube and Spotify. And at this point, we can all sing along with Dustin and Suzie because we probably know the lyrics by heart by now.


Stranger Things 3 is still streaming on Netflix.

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