Everyone's Grown Up in Stranger Things Season 3 Trailer

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Finally, after months of waiting, the Stranger Things Season 3 trailer has arrived and fans can't stop crying over the fact that our heroes have grown up. Granted, people age and this was the outcome that life had planned for them, but fans are still freaking out over it. To be fair, seeing them in Season 2 and looking at them now in Season 3, it's amazing to see them grow up in front of our eyes.

Also, there's a new monster that looks absolutely horrifying and a dude with a gun, but hooray for teenagers!


Except with telekinesis, dark dimensions, horrifying monsters, and assassins. Don't worry, as the very end shows, there is still a lot of humor for us to enjoy.

Stranger Things Season 3 comes to Netflix on the 4th of July. If you haven't yet, the first two seasons are available for your viewing pleasure on the platform right now.

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