Will There Be a Tensei Oujo Season 2? Release Date News and Predictions

Will There Be a Tensei Oujo to Tensai Season 2? Release Date News and Predictions

Will There Be a Tensei Oujo to Tensai Season 2? Release Date News and Predictions

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Tensei Oujo certainly made a good impression in the Winter 2023 anime season. Now that the first season is about to end, fans are wondering if there is a possibility for Tensei Oujo or The Magical Revolution of the Reincarnated Princess to have a second season. Here's what we know so far!

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Will There Be a Tensei Oujo Season 2?

As of writing, there is still no update regarding a potential season two of Tensei Oujo. It could be because the anime is still ongoing, and most of the time, sequels are announced after the first season has ended.

On the other hand, some shows often wait for years to get a Season 2.

What fans can do for the time being is wait for an official announcement, either from the Tensei Oujo creator or Diomedea, the studio behind the series.

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Tensei Oujo Season 2 Release Date

Since we have yet to determine if the isekai anime will get a second season, it is hard to predict its exact release date as well.

Even if Tensei Oujo Season 2 gets greenlit, it will still depend on when studio Diomedea will air the sequel.

Some sequels get released after a one-year production, while others take less.

Rest assured, we will update this article once there's an announcement regarding the second season's release date.

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Tensei Oujo Season 2 Predictions

Tensei Oujo Season 2 Predictions Euphyllia
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Given the popularity of The Magical Revolution of the Reincarnated Princess, there is a huge chance that the yuri anime will get a second season.

The anime caught the attention of viewers when it first aired on Crunchyroll, making it one of the most-watched titles of the season.

Tensei Oujo provides a fresh take on the isekai anime genre. As such, it does not have a typical isekai story wherein the main character mysteriously gets transported to a fantasy world.

Instead, Anisphia is a strong and cool female character who uses her past life experiences to create special inventions. Her background stands out compared to other isekai protagonists.

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In terms of content, the light novel and manga source materials are still ongoing.

This is a good sign, as the studio still has a lot of content to cover for a potential sequel.

So far, there are six light novel volumes available, with the sixth having been released in January 2023.

Meanwhile, the manga's fifth and most recent volume is set to release on March 27.

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