Will There Be a Season 3 of Konosuba? When Will It Release?

Konosuba: God's Blessing on This Wonderful World is a Japanese light novel that follows Kazuma Sato. After his death, he woke up in a fantasy world in which he groups with a crusader, a wizard, and a goddess.

Season one of the show ran from January to March 2016 followed by season 2 which aired from January 2017 to March 2017. Anime fans who are interested to watch the series can find a dubbed version on Crunchyroll.

With Konosuba's popularity and since the series have not tackled some parts of the manga, fans are now anticipating season 3. Will there be an upcoming season and if yes, when will it be released?

Will There Be a Season 3 of Konosuba? When Will It Release?

Will There Be a Season 3 of Konosuba? When Will It Release 1
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Unfortunately, there is still no news regarding the third season of Konosuba. The manga has a total of 17 volumes. The last volume was released in May 2020. Season one tackled the first two volumes, season two covered the 3rd and 4th volumes, and a movie was released in 2019 that focused on the 5th volume.

With this, fans are hopeful that there is a chance for season 3 to get a green light. The popularity of the anime and manga is another reason fans are still hopeful for a new season. In case Konosuba fans get their season 3, some supporters believe that it will tackle the 6th volume.

This volume will focus on the victory of Kazuma and his party. This victory will earn them an audience from the king and a high chance to get the ire of the royal family, or even better, the whole city.

About Konosuba

Will There Be a Season 3 of Konosuba? When Will It Release 2
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What makes Konosuba interesting other than being an isekai anime is that it combined ecchi elements, comedy, fantasy, and action. Despite it being fiction, the main characters have flaws which makes it entertaining.

Fans also liked that the series is an isekai comedy that is anti-cliché. The overall tone is light with the comedic scenes hitting the right timing.

While waiting for Konosuba Season 3, fans can watch the movie and OVAs available online. Ever wondered what an isekai anime like Konosuba is? Find out more here.

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