Will Star Wars: The Bad Batch Be on DVD or Blu-Ray, and When Will It Be Released?

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Now that the hit animated series Star Wars: The Bad Batch (2021) is a year old, having premiered on May 4th last year, will it ever be released on DVD and Blu-Ray? Sure, Season 1 is available on Disney+, but don't you want to binge-watch it without worrying about your Internet connection, or simply add it to your existing Star Wars collection? Or both?!

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If you've not yet seen Star Wars: The Bad Batch, check out the trailer below:

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Star Wars: The Bad Batch follows a group of defected clones known as Clone Force 99 - Tech, Wrecker, Crosshair, Hunter, and Echo. When Order 66 is initiated, the Grand Army of the Republic becomes the Galactic Empire.

Recgonizing that the Empire has sinister plans for the galaxy, Clone Force 99 - with the exception of Crosshair, who wishes to remain loyal to the Empire - goes on the run, taking young female clone Omega with them.

The Bad Batch is set directly after Star Wars: The Clone Wars (2008 - 2020), 14 years before Star Wars: Rebels (2014 - 2018), and 28 years before the live-action shows The Mandalorian (2019) and The Book of Boba Fett (2021).

The show is comprised of 16 episodes, however, Season 2 has already been confirmed, though it was recently reported that it will be delayed and won't be arriving during Summer 2022 as originally planned.

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While the full first season is available on Disney+, unfortunately there are no plans for a DVD and Blu-Ray release. With Disney owning the rights to Star Wars, Disney+ is the sole distributor of the series.

This also helps the streaming service secure subscribers - having the show available on physical release would mean that users may end their subscription with Disney+, using it only to check out shows before purchasing hard copies.

With that said, it's possible that the show will get a release in the future. After all, you can purchase most things Star Wars on DVD and Blu-Ray, so it's a shame to have a great show like The Bad Batch missing from your collection.

On the other hand, DVD and Blu-Ray sales are dwindling, which is largely because of streaming services. The movie theater isn't the only industry to have been hit pretty hard by the emergence of these services.

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So, Star Wars: The Bad Batch can only currently be viewed on the popular streaming service, with no plans for a future release on DVD or Blue-Ray (but who knows - the likes of The Clone Wars and Rebels are available to buy).

Either way, for now, you'll just have to make do with a digital "copy "of the show. So, while your collection is a little lacking when it comes to Star Wars shows, why not view Disney+ itself as part of that collection?

And The Bad Batch isn't the only animated Star Wars show on Disney+ - it's also home to the likes of The Clone Wars, Star Wars: Resistance (2018 - 2020), Star Wars: Visions, and a number of vintage Star Wars cartoons.

Here's to hoping for more news about Star Wars: The Bad Batch Season 2 on either May 4th or on Star Wars Celebration (May 26 - 29) this year.

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