Will Smith Heartbreak: Jada Pinkett-Smith And King Richard Star Secretly Hated In Hollywood? Couple Allegedly Made More Than A Few Enemies Over The Years

Credit: The Telegraph/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: The Telegraph/YouTube Screenshot

Will Smith has been making it to the headlines after he slapped Oscar presenter Chris Rock on the stage at the Academy Awards ceremony more than two weeks ago. The husband of Jada Pinkett Smith smacked Chris after the latter made a joke about the actor's wife, referencing the 1997 film G.I. Jane in which Demi Moore shaved her head.

It was unclear, however, if Chris Rock was aware that she has a condition that causes hair loss. Less than an hour after the slapping incident, Will Smith was seen dancing at Vanity Fair's annual post-Oscars party.

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Now, new reports suggested that Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith had already alienated their Tinseltown colleagues with their "entitled behavior and TMI talk." Keep on reading to know more details.

Are Will Smith And Jada Pinkett Smith Hollywood Outcasts?

Star Magazine, in its upcoming April 18, 2022 issue, reported that Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith are secretly hated in Hollywood. The entertainment news outlet claimed the most recent slapping accident was not the first time Will reacted to a joke with ferocity.

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An unnamed source told the publication:

"Will is beloved by legions of fans who go to see his movies, and Jada has a loyal following with her chat show, Red Table Talk, but the same cannot be said about people in the industry. Their peers can't stand Will and Jada. The slap ordeal has only served to deepen the disdain."

The unidentified insider furthered:

"On set, Will believes he deserves to have assistants at his beck and call, luxury trailers and special meals catered to him. He thinks he knows best and he's not afraid to share his opinion."

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The informant even cited Bad Boys director Michael Bay allegedly recalled Will Smith balking at having to say the line, "Hey, man, I love you" to co-star Martin Lawrence. The two reportedly argued for nearly two hours before the husband of Jada Pinkett Smith finally give in.

Will Smith, also, allegedly refused to kiss co-star Anthony Michael Hall in the 1993 film called Six Degrees of Separation, where he played a gay conman, leaving the director with no choice but to find a stunt double.

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Janet Huber, another ex-co-star of Will Smith, was reportedly even more vocal about her disdain for Jada Pinkett Smith's better half. The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air called Will an "egomaniac" and an "a*****e" after reports that he betrayed got her fired from the series made rounds.

Will Smith and Janet Huber made up during a Fresh Prince reunion in 2020, but not before the actress told Jada Pinkett Smith's husband he'd essentially ruined her career. She stated:

"Calling a black woman 'difficult' in Hollywood is the kiss of death. I lost so much."

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Another informant told Star Magazine:

"Even before the Oscars, people were really creeped out by Will and Jada and how much they talk about their personal lives. Between Will's spacey views on open marriages and parenting and Jada's sex talk, a lot [of] people in Hollywood are grossed out and have turned on them."

Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith's willingness to use their connections to further the careers of their children, allegedly, irked others. Will, reportedly, once boasted:

"I have relationships with some of the biggest filmmakers and actors and producers on Earth. So I can be a huge help."

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Amid all the disparagements Will Smith got post-slap, some stars have come to his defense, especially after it was made known that Jada Pinkett Smith's hair loss was due to a medical condition. Tiffany Haddish praised the actor for her "protected his wife and that's what a man is supposed to do."

The Good Place star Jameela Jamil, in a tweet, wrote:

"Will Smith said 'Not Today.' A man big enough to absolutely floor him, slapped him softly enough that Chris barely moved, because he made fun of his wife's alopecia on a world stage."

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Though Will Smith apologized to Chris Rock already, a Star Magazine source claimed the actor and Jada are not too concerned with doing damage control. It added:

"Will thinks he was right to defend Jada and his apology should be the end of it. Will and Jada feel it's between Will and Chris and that the matter has been settled."

The same source also stated:

"In their minds, they are too important to fail. Will intends to make movies like he always has. They think they are untouchable."

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Both Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith have yet to comment on these reports. So, avid followers of the couple should take all these unverified claims with a huge grain of salt until everything is proven true and correct.

Will Smith Banned From Attending Oscars For 10 Years

Meanwhile, Will Smith has been prohibited to attend the Academy Awards for the next 10 years, as a result of his slapping comedian Chris Rock during this year's Oscar ceremony. In a statement, the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts & Sciences announced:

"The Board has decided, for a period of 10 years from April 8, 2022, Mr. Smith shall not be permitted to attend any Academy events or programs, in person or virtually, including but not limited to the Academy Awards."

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The barring of Will Smith from attending Oscars for a decade was made during a Board of Governors meeting held earlier in the day in Los Angeles. The meeting, initially scheduled for April 18, was expedited after Jada Pinkett Smith's husband announced his resignation from the academy last week.

Will Smith issued a statement on his ban from the Oscars in the next 10 years. In a statement to CNN, the actor said:

"I accept and respect the Academy's decision."

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