Will Goodbye, Don Glees! Be On Crunchyroll? Expected Release Date

Will Goodbye Don Glees Be On Crunchyroll Expected Release Date Drop

Will Goodbye Don Glees Be On Crunchyroll Expected Release Date Drop

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Goodbye, Don Glees! is an anime film that was released in US theaters in September 2022. But for those who are interested in watching it online, will Goodbye, Don Glees! be available on Crunchyroll? If so, when is its expected release date? We have the latest info right here!

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What Is Goodbye, Don Glees! About?

Don Glees is a club made by Toto Mitarai and Roma Kamogawa. When he turned 15, Toto was forced to move to Tokyo to attend high school. But upon returning, he realized that a new member has been added to the club and his name is Drop Sakuma.

The trio decided to film a large fireworks display which they set off in a secluded field.

On the day itself, the drone that Roma bought went missing and the fireworks weren’t working, so they weren't able to push through with their plan.

What Is Goodbye Don Glees About Roma
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What they did not expect was that a wildfire broke out in the mountains and their schoolmates spread a rumor that it was they who caused it.

They then decided to look for the drone to clear their names, but it landed somewhere in the mountains.

When they came back from the mountains, it seemed like everyone has forgotten about the incident.

Days later, Drop died and the two remaining friends found a map and an “X” mark on their cabin, which they believed was a hint from their deceased friend.

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Will Goodbye, Don Glees! Be On Crunchyroll?

Will Goodbye Don Glees Be On Crunchyroll Drop
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It has been confirmed that Goodbye, Don Glees! will have a digital release on December 13, 2022, on all major platforms, but it was not specifically stated whether Crunchyroll is among those platforms.

There will also be a home video release on DVD/Blu-ray by December 27, 2022.

The DVD/Blu-ray is also available for pre-order at ShoutFactory.com and GKIDS.com for those who wish to acquire a copy of the movie.

The DVD will include an interview with Director Atsuko Ishizuka, who is known for her work on A Place Further than the Universe.

Here's the Voice Cast for Goodbye, Don Glees!

Voice Cast for Goodbye Don Glees Toto
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Since Goodbye, Don Glees! had an international theater release, the English dub cast was announced after the Japanese cast.

Below are the names of the film's characters along with their respective Japanese and English dub voice actors:

  • Roma Kamogawa – Natsuki Hanae (for the Japanese dub) and Adam McArthur (for the English dub)
  • Hokuto “Toto” Mitarai – Yuki Kaji (for the Japanese dub) and Nick Wolfhard (for the English dub)
  • Shizuku “Drop” Sakuma – Ayumu Murase (for the Japanese dub) and Jonathan Leon (for the English dub)
  • Chibori “Tivoli” Urayasu – Kana Hanazawa (for the Japanese dub) and Victoria Grace (for the English dub)

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