Will Gandalf be in The Rings of Power Amazon Series?

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Will Gandalf be in The Rings of Power Amazon Series
Credit: Warner Bros

With a recently-released trailer and other promoting materials, and a solid release date, Amazon's The Rings of Power series feels closer than ever. Several book fans are skeptical about the show for several reasons, while there have been racist comments and verbal attacks due to the diverse cast, with many misquoting Tolkien to justify racial hatred.

But there's also anticipation and enthusiasm in the fandom, with many fans being excited for a new take on Middle Earth and its occupants. Beloved characters such as Galadriel and Elrod are both confirmed characters in The Rings of Power as well.

This, and a perplexing bit in the newly-released trailer, has caused some fans to wonder whether other characters, like Gandalf, can also be expected to make an appearance in The Rings of Power.

Every scene of the 1-minute long teaser trailer of The Rings of Power has been analyzed to some extent. The shot of a Harfoot - one of the three types of Hobbits along with the Stoors and the Fallohides - holding the hand of a burning man is among the most perplexing ones.

This scene sparked the theory that this man could be a younger Gandalf, newly arrived in Middle Earth, and greeted by a Hobbit. Some fans think that this could explain the wizard's interest in the Hobbits.

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Credit: Warner Bros

While many fans would be interested in seeing Gandalf's origins and arrival to Middle Earth, this is unlikely to be the case, unless The Rings of Power significantly changes the source material.

The Rings of Power is a confirmed prequel unfolding during Middle Earth's Second Age, when the kingdoms of elves, dwarves, and men were still glorious. This setting explains the tv series' title as well, as the rings of power were found during the second age.

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As such, Gandalf is not expected to make an appearance in the forthcoming series.

He and other Istari - as wizards are alternatively known - first arrived in Middle Earth during its Third Age, to aid in Sauron's defeat. At the end of The Lord of the Rings Gandalf, along with Bilbo, Frodo, and the Elves, passes over the Sea, having completed his mission.

Gandalf's arc is therefore inextricably linked with the main conflict associated with the Third Age, and having him, or any other wizard appear on Middle Earth during the Second Age would be a departure from the books.

At the time of writing, it's hard to tell more about the man in the trailer, but, hopefully, we'll have an answer soon!

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As we find out more and more about The Rings of Power, it seems increasingly unlikely that Gandalf will be a part of it; the finalized trailer seems to focus much more on a young Galadriel - and on a time before Gandalf.


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