Will Tom Bombadil Be in The Rings of Power Amazon TV Series?

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Tom Bombadil is one of the most enigmatic characters in The Lord of the Rings books. Over the years, there have been many a discussion about him, given that there isn't any character quite like him. The fact that Tom Bombadil isn't in Peter Jackson's movie trilogy, while understandable, must have been disappointing for some fans who now hope that the forthcoming Amazon tv series could make amends. But could Tom Bombadil be in The Rings of Power?

While short, the trailer of Amazon's Rings of Power stirred quite a lot of speculation about the content of the series. It is now widely known that The Rings of Power is a prequel to The Lord of the Rings, unfolding during Middle Earth's second age. This means that fans can't expect to see many Lord of the Rings favorites. But what does this mean for characters like Tom Bombadil?

About Tom Bombadil

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Credit: Warner Bros

Tom Bombadil is one of the few book-only characters to be so well-known and loved. His cheerful, relaxed attitude is appealing to fans, and he adds an element of mystery and theatricality to the early chapters of The Fellowship of the Ring. Moreover, he offers the hobbits much-needed hospitality and assistance when they find themselves in trouble early on.

As Frodo notes, Tom Bombadil doesn't seem large enough to be a human, though he's too tall for a hobbit. The presumed magical qualities of his singing save the hobbits from the trees that had trapped them. Moreover, he's the only known character to not become invisible when putting on the One Ring, suggesting he has powers no other character in the legendarium shares.

Will Tom Bombadil Be in The Rings of Power Amazon TV Series?

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Credit: Warner Bros

At the time of writing, little is known about the plot specifics of Amazon's The Rings of Power, therefore, Tom Bombadil has neither been confirmed nor officially rejected as a possible character.

An argument for his inclusion, would be his mysterious origins, which predate Middle Earth's Third Age, during which The Lord of the Rings unfold. Tom Bombadil has claimed that he existed before the Dark Lord Morgoth's arrival to Arda. His knowledge and explorations suggest that he has been around for most of the major events that shaped Middle Earth, although his whereabouts during this time is largely unknown.

The Rings of Power will draw from The Lord of the Rings, including references to past events and appendixes, rather than the Silmarillion or any other book that was published after Tolkien's death. Being in The Lord of the Rings, Tom Bombadil would likely provide ideas for unseen-before material.

Does this mean that including Tom Bombadil in The Rings of Power would be a good idea? That depends on how he would be represented, but including him would nevertheless be a divisive decision. Giving a tangible answer about the character's origins and whereabouts would remove some of the mystery surrounding him - a mystery that isn't entirely negative, to begin with.

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On the other hand, we should note that this wouldn't be the first time Tom Bombadil appeared on the screen. He might not be in The Lord of the Rings movies, but he has been a part of lesser-known adaptations, and whether you like them or not, no adaptation changes the core of the books that started it all, and it's possible to enjoy both.

At this point, nothing is certain about Tom Bombadil and the forthcoming series, but watch this space as an update could come up at some point!


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