Why Did Overlord 4 Skip the Holy Kingdom Arc?

Why Did Overlord 4 Skip the Holy Kingdom Arc
Credit: Madhouse

Why Did Overlord 4 Skip the Holy Kingdom Arc
Credit: Madhouse

With the recent events of Overlord 4 episode 8, fans are perplexed as to why the Holy Kingdom Arc was skipped. Worse, they didn't emphasize it in the most recent episode, leaving fans baffled about the timeline of events in Overlord 4.

Fans were surprised to learn that Ainz Ooal Gown and the Sorcerer Kingdom had defeated the demon Jaldabaoth in Overlord 4 episode 8. The details of these events, however, were left out of the anime's fourth season.

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What is Overlord’s Holy Kingdom Arc About?

Why Did Overlord 4 Skip the Holy Kingdom Arc? What is the Holy Kingdom Arc About?
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Credit: Madhouse

The Holy Kingdom Arc of Overlord will recount the events of the series' light novels volumes 12 and 13. It will also cover the events that occurred between episodes 7 and 8 of Overlord 4.

The story will revolve around the invasion of the Sacred Kingdom, which has been peaceful for a long time. For a moment, the Sacred Kingdom enjoyed peace, freedom, and quiet thanks to the great wall that protected its citizens.

The citizens, on the other hand, were aware that their utopia was fragile and borrowed. It will only be a matter of time before they revert to their old ways in the midst of the chaos. The demon Jaldabaoth, as expected, gambled on their sacred place.

When the Sacred Kingdom was forced to defend its territory against the demon Jaldabaoth, the other nations refused to assist. With no other option, the Sacred Kingdom turned to the Nation of Darkness, the Sorcerer Kingdom, for assistance.

Fortunately, Ainz Ooal Gown only has enough mercy to help the Sacred Kingdom fight the demon. However, we are all aware of Jaldabaoth's standing as Demiurge. It's just a ruse to get the Sacred Kingdom to submit to Ainz's invasion.

Nonetheless, the Holy Kingdom is about to waste blood and tears on Ainz and his NPC guardians.

As discussed in Overlord 4 episode 8, Prince Zanac declined the request for assistance from the Sacred Kingdom.

Because of this, the Sorcerer Kingdom took advantage of the situation and decided to help them instead. As a result, the reputation of the Nation of Darkness headed by Ainz continues to grow!

In the complaint letter given by Ainz to the Re-Estize Kingdom, it was sealed and signed not only by the Dwarf Kingdom, the Dragon Kingdom, and the Faceless One but also by the Sacred Kingdom!

It looks like worse is coming to the Re-Estize Kingdom in Overlord 4!

Why Did Overlord 4 Skip the Holy Kingdom Arc?

Why Did Overlord 4 Skip the Holy Kingdom Arc? Content
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Credit: Madhouse

Overlord 4 skipped the Holy Kingdom Arc to make way for the series' third theatrical film. The Holy Kingdom arc events will be depicted in the upcoming Overlord Holy Kingdom Arc Movie.

The Overlord Holy Kingdom Arc Movie, unlike the previous films, will not be a compilation. It will be a stand-alone film that tells the story of Jaldabaoth's reign of terror in the Sacred Kingdom.

It will also be a canonical film, influencing the events of the anime. After all, the film will be based entirely on Overlord light novels.

So, if you're confused about the details between episodes 7 and 8 of Overlord 4, you're now informed.

Unfortunately, no release date for the Overlord Holy Kingdom Arc Movie has been confirmed as of writing. For the time being, fans must wait for more information, which is expected by the end of Overlord 4.

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