What Happened in Overlord Season 3? Recap for Season 4

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What Happened in Overlord Season 3? Recap for Season 4
Credit: Madhouse

Overlord Season 4 is drawing near, and we can't help but be excited about the return of the Overlord of Death, Ainz Ooal Gown. If you're not sure where the previous season left off, here's the ultimate Overlord Season 3 recap for your reading pleasure!

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What Happened in Overlord Season 3?

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Credit: Madhouse

Season 3 of Overlord begins with Ainz Ooal Gown's concern for his floor guardians. He believes that each of them requires more carefree days where they do not have to do anything for him. Albedo, who was always by his side, was one of them.

He not only wants her gone for a day, but he also orders the rest of the guardians to do the same. While Albedo was with the girls, Ainz sent a message to the male guardians. He wants them to spend their time bathing in the hot springs with him.

The first two episodes of Overlord Season 3 may contain some of the most enjoyable moments in the series to date.

Not only do we learn that Albedo is a succubus who has never had sexual relations with a man, but we also see Ainz and the male guardians bathing together. Not to mention Albedo's sexual advances on Ainz Ooal Gown!

Ainz Ooal Gown became a lot funnier in Season 3. Not only do we see him having no idea what the future of Nazarick holds, but we also see Demiurge acting for Ainz instead.

Regardless, Ainz eventually agrees with Demiurge's plans to take over the world.

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Credit: Madhouse

Back in Carne Village, Enri and Nphirea are collaborating with the goblins as usual. While Nphirea succeeded in producing a purple potion, Enri was informed of a lost goblin being haunted by a wolf beast.

According to the goblin Agu, the Giant of the East and the Demon Snake of the West have become allies.

Enri was appointed village chief after the incident known as "The Monument of Destruction" was resolved. After all, Enri is the leader of the goblin horde that has been protecting and helping the village all this time.

Meanwhile, Nphirea gave the purple potion to Lupusregina so that Ainz could evaluate it.

Ainz, on the other hand, chastised Lupusregina for failing to inform him of important information about Carne Village. He believes his subordinate has been bummin' around and needs to learn some lessons.

Because of this, Ainz went down to the nest of the Giant of the East and the Demon Snake of the West to learn more about their threat level to the Carne Village. He was once again disappointed to discover that they were nothing more than low-level monsters.

At this point, he made the decision to launch an attack on Carne Village with the monsters. Simultaneously, he orders Lupusregina to protect Enri, Nphirea, and his grandmother at all costs.

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Credit: Madhouse

After successfully defending Carne Village, Lupusregina told Enri that she was invited to the home of Ainz Ooal Gown. Nphirea also musters the courage to confess his feelings to Enri.

Ainz takes his visitors to the Tomb of Nazarick. He's also grown accustomed to Enri's sister, who was snooping around his domain.

Ainz then decided to take things to the next level. Part of his plan to establish Nazarick as a country is to have his alter ego, Momon, assist the Baharuth Empire by investigating a mysterious ruin in the forest. This ruin, however, is the Great Tomb of Nazarick.

Because of the folly of some workers who attempted to investigate the ruins, they were massacred and left to die by Ainz Ooal Gown's forces. He not only left them desperate, but he also made it clear that Nazarick posed a serious threat to the Baharuth Empire.

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Credit: Madhouse

The Bloody Emperor, Jircniv, who was currently investigating the demon, Jaldabaoth, acknowledged the incident's aftermath. Jaldabaoth, in case you forgot, is the same Demiurge who attacked E-Rantel in Season 2.

Jircniv went out of his way to apologize to Nazarick, accompanied by his subordinates, including the magic caster Fluder.

While Jircniv was surprised to learn about Ainz, he was even more surprised when Ainz made a deal with him. The Baharuth Empire will assist Nazarick in making it an official country!

To help Nazarick, the Baharuth Empire issued a warning to neighboring kingdoms not to enter the area around the tomb because it belonged to Nazarick. However, E-Rantel rejects the notice and proceeds to discuss their plan of attack on the tomb.

Jircniv realizes on their way home that Fluder has been betraying him the entire time. He then forms an alliance with other kingdoms to plan an attack on Nazarick. For him, this is the only way to end Ainz Ooal Gown's reign of terror.

Surprisingly, Aura and Mare arrive in the Baharuth Empire and inform everyone about Ainz's rage as a result of their folly. He demands an apology and, if it is not forthcoming, threatens to destroy the kingdom.

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Credit: Madhouse

While Marquis Raeven is in command of the troops, Prince Barbro is forced to travel to Carne Village to learn more about Ainz Ooal Gown.

The new horde of goblins Enri summoned to protect the village, however, defeated Prince Barbro and his forces. He and his forces perish at the hands of Lupusregina and her assassin goblins.

Returning to the main battle, Ainz Ooal Gown's tremendous power is designed to signal the start of the fight. He manages to deplete 70,000 troops with a single attack.


Not to mention clusters of Death Knights at his side. He also transformed the dead bodies of soldiers into goat-like beasts that trampled on other soldiers.

As a result, E-Rantel accepts that Ainz Ooal Gown is a formidable foe and that they lack the resources to defeat him. Gazef Stronoff, on the other hand, decides to stay and confront Ainz.

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Credit: Madhouse

While the Overlord of Death recognizes his power, Gazef declines his offer to become his subordinate. Instead, he demanded a PvP duel to the death with Ainz.

Ainz, as expected, defeated him in an instant with his time-delaying magic cast. Gazef eventually died near the end of the battle, forcing Ainz to retreat.

Following the battle, Ainz is proclaimed the new ruler of E-Rantel. To keep humans from rebelling against his rule, he also employs Momon, his alter ego, as a city representative and law enforcer.

Finally, Ainz Ooal Gown declares the Sorcerous Kingdom's founding day with his guardians while sitting at the top of the throne.

Overlord is currently one of the top 100 most popular shows according to MyAnimeList.l

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