The Ancient Magus' Bride: Why Did Chise's Father and Brother Leave?

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Why Did Chise's Father and Brother Leave In The Ancient Magus' Bride
Credit: Studio Kafka
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In The Ancient Magus' Bride, the fate of Chise's father is a mystery that keeps coming up and could be a major plot point later on. So, why did Chise's father leave with her brother, and why could it be important?

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The Tragedy of Chise's Family

Chise's Family Backstory
Credit: Wit Studio

Due to being a sleigh beggy, Chise was highly receptive to the effects of magic and, to an extent, the same was true for her parents and younger brother.

Because of this, their home life -- while happy enough at the beginning -- was never peaceful, as they were prone to magical threats and supernatural misfortunes.

Chise's father, Yuuki, would keep the neighborhood at a distance and the family was safe while he was around.

The Tragedy of Chise's Family Chika Hatori
Credit: Wit Studio

One day, however, he left with Chise's little brother, Fumiki, and never returned.


Initially, Chise's mother, Chika, did her best to cherish and protect her daughter.

However, the increased number of threats and anxieties of single parenthood took their toll, leading to Chika's deterioration and eventual death by suicide.

Why Did Chise's Father and Brother Leave?

Why Did Chise's Father and Brother Leave In The Ancient Magus' Bride Yuuki
Credit: Wit Studio

As of writing, The Ancient Magus' Bride manga and anime haven't confirmed why Chise's father left with his son, leaving his wife and daughter behind. However, there are a few theories for this.

In some more recent manga chapters, Elias becomes interested in learning more about Chise's early life.

Due to that, we believe that Yuuki and Fumiki's whereabouts might eventually return to haunt Chise.

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Did Yuuki Abandon His Family?

Why Did Chise's Father and Brother Leave In The Ancient Magus' Bride Hatori Family
Credit: Wit Studio

So far, whether or not Yuuki abandoned his wife and daughter intentionally has not been confirmed.

Given that the vast majority of single parents are female, it would make sense to think that Yuuki simply decided to leave his family behind.

However, this theory is less likely if you consider that Chise's father took her young brother with him.

Did Yuuki Abandon His Family The Ancient Magus Bride Hatori Family
Credit: Wit Studio

This shows that Yuuki wasn't simply looking to avoid his family duties and that the case might be more complicated.

While it's possible that Yuuki decided to leave to avoid the constant pressure of the threats Chise attracted, this doesn't fully persuade fans, as all four family members were receptive to magic to some extent, so leaving his daughter wouldn't necessarily make things easier.

Was Yuuki Protecting His Son?

Why Did Chise's Father and Brother Leave In The Ancient Magus' Bride Young Chise
Credit: Wit Studio

The fact that Yuuki took away his son rather than leaving by himself suggests that he wanted to keep Fumiki safe.

Some fans theorize that Chise attracted the worst kinds of threats and that taking Fumiki away from Chise would give him a better chance of survival.

Alternatively, Chise and Fumiki's combined powers might have doubled the threats against the family, which might have led to the parents' mutual decision to raise them separately.

Are Yuuki and Fumiki Alive, and Will They Return?

Will Chise's Father and Brother Return
Credit: Wit Studio

In real life, some people, even those close to us, might permanently stop being part of our lives, but fiction rarely leaves such things to chance.

While there's no indication as to where Chise's father and brother are or if they are still alive, we think it's unlikely for the manga to end without some form of closure for the Hatori family.

A future arc of the manga might bring them back or at least explain what happened to them.

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