BTS Fans Once Slammed Ivanka Trump For Using 'BTS Hashtag'

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BTS became increasingly more popular around the world in 2020. This came as the seven K-pop idols remained active even amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

The group was everywhere at the time in terms of the overall reach through their music and virtual engagements. But, what fans did not expect was their emergence in U.S. politics.

This took place when former First Daughter Ivanka Trump posted a photo on Twitter and used the "B-T-S hashtag."


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Ivanka Trump Used The "BTS Hashtag" On Twitter

Before the group's rise to fame, B-T-S meant only one thing: behind the scenes. But, in the last few years, it has become more associated with the seven-member K-pop group.

This is why when Ivanka Trump used the "#BTS" as a caption for her State of The Union photo last February 2020, she accidentally "summoned" the fans of the Dynamite singers on Twitter. But, instead of showing support or anything of the like, ARMY members seemingly poked fun and criticized her for using the said hashtag.

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ARMY Had Different Reactions On The Post

Koreaboo said that the former U.S. President's daughter received various responses from ARMYs. Some of the replies were funny as netizens insinuated that they could not find the actual BTS members in the photo. There were memes and clips, and some of them were included in the publication's report.


Others, however, appeared to have criticized Ivanka Trump. Many of them slammed her and asked her never to use the hashtag again. One even reportedly stated that ARMYs "do not appreciate the affiliation."

There are also some Twitter users who urged the former First Daughter to delete her post. They emphasized that the logo, as well as the hashtag, belongs to the septet, with member RM as their only president.

Following what happened, though, Trump never appeared to have made a response about the matter.

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The Latest On The K-pop Group

To date, meanwhile, the seven K-pop idols are currently on their official break from their career. It remains unclear, however, when they will return and make a comeback in the K-pop scene.

Amid their hiatus, three BTS members, RM, Jin, and Suga tested positive for COVID-19. But, they have since recovered from their respective infections, and are now doing activities of their own.