BTS Members Jin, RM Tested Positive For COVID-19 Following Suga

Credit: HYBE LABELS/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: HYBE LABELS/YouTube Screenshot

BTS had massive success in their recent concert in the United States. The seven-member K-pop group even broke records in the history of ticket grosses in the country.

Following the event, the K-pop idols seemingly took their time before flying back to South Korea. They did not return, all at once, with some of them returning to their home country, not until days before Christmas.

Amid the holiday festivities, though, reports learned that some of the members contracted and developed COVID-19. Koreaboo said that the latest members who have tested positive were Jin and RM.

Jim, RM Tested Positive On Christmas

On December 26, BIGHIT MUSIC released an official statement, informing the public about the two BTS members’ diagnosis. It is said that the two obtained positive COVID-19 test results on the evening of December 25.

The group leader returned to South Korea on December 17. He entered his required self-isolation upon arrival and tested negative on the first day.

Before his official release from quarantine, however, he tested positive for COVID-19.

As for Jin, the agency noted that he flew back to his home country on December 6. He tested negative for COVID-19 before and after completing his self-quarantine.

The K-pop idol decided to take another PCR test on Christmas day after feeling “flu-like symptoms.” The result came back positive, confirming the diagnosis.

Suga: First BTS Member To Confirm Positive COVID-19 Test Result

Suga is the first member of BTS who confirmed a positive test result. BIGHIT MUSIC said in a previous statement that the diagnosis emerged on December 24, a day after arriving in South Korea.

As explained, he tested negative for COVID-19 before leaving the United States. As part of the protocols, he underwent another test upon arrival and immediately went into self-isolation.

The day after beginning his quarantine, his test result came back positive. Accordingly, he had not had any contact with his co-members.

Updates On Symptoms And Recovery

The three K-pop idols are continuing their respective quarantine measures. They do not reportedly exhibit any symptoms, except for Jin, who has a “light fever.”

The BTS members are also said to have completed their initial vaccination series last August.

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