Who Killed Godard's Wife in Undead Girl Murder Farce?

Who Killed Godard's Wife in Undead Girl Murder Farce
Credit: Lapin Track

Who Killed Godard's Wife in Undead Girl Murder Farce
Credit: Lapin Track

Undead Girl Murder Farce is a dark, unorthodox, and occasionally hilarious supernatural anime. Its first mystery is: who killed Godard's wife?

Spoiler Warning: We discuss spoilers about the Undead Girl Murder Farce manga below.

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Who Is the Godard Family in Undead Girl Murder Farce?

Who Is The Godard Family Undead Girl Murder Farce
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Credit: Lapin Track

The Godards are a family of vampires living in France. In the setting of Undead Girl Murder Farce, there are vampires who are allied with humans and live in harmony with them.

Such is the case with the Godard family, meaning that the death of one of them could harm the already strained relations between humans and vampires.

Lord Godard, the head of the family, and his wife (a former human) have two sons, Claude and Raoul, and a daughter, Charlotte.

Also living with them are two human servants, a butler named Alfred and a maid named Giselle.

What Happened to Godard's Wife?

What Happened to Godard's Wife
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Credit: Lapin Track

At the beginning of the story, Lord Godard and his younger son, Raoul, reunite after a night of hunting and go home to find that Godard's wife, Hannah, is dead.

A few days prior, Lord Godard had killed a vampire hunter in self-defense and kept the man's silver stake to make sure it didn't reach another enemy.

This act of self-preservation has tragic repercussions, as the silver stake is the suspected weapon that the culprit used to kill Hannah.

The grieving lord hires Aya Rindo and Tsugaru Shinuchi to investigate the case.

While the two detectives gather their clues, another vampire hunter is spotted in the area, making everyone suspect that he's the killer.

The anime has yet to reveal who killed Godard's wife, but we expect an answer in the next episode or two.

Who Killed Godard's Wife?

Who Killed Hannah in Undead Girl Murder Farce
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Credit: Lapin Track

Considering all the clues, Aya concludes that the murderer is from Godard's own household.

Finally, she reveals that the one who killed Hannah is Raoul, the younger son.

The manner of Hannah's death was particularly suspicious as there was holy water in the room.

This would normally burn a vampire instantly, though a small portion wouldn't be fatal. However, only Hannah's stabbed chest was burned.

How Raoul Killed Hannah in Undead Girl Murder Farce
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Credit: Lapin Track

Moreover, Aya found it very strange that the culprit knew where Hannah was napping and that she kept sleeping and didn't detect him on time despite her sharp vampire senses.

It's revealed that the weapon wasn't the silver stake, as initially suspected. Instead, Raoul used a stick made of frozen holy water, which killed Hannah instantly.

Since the murderer was from her own household, it makes sense that she didn't sense an invasion or worry upon hearing him until it was too late.

Why Was Hannah Murdered?

Undead Girl Murder Farce: Why Did Hannah Die
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Credit: Lapin Track

Raoul essentially killed his mother to make a statement and ruin his parents' attempts to live peacefully alongside humans.

He believes that vampires are superior beings who shouldn't suppress their nature for humans and resents his father for signing a contract that prevents the Godards from drinking human blood.

In the end, Raoul doesn't get away with murder, but he gets his wish to strain human-vampire relationships, as humanity will likely think even less of vampires, knowing that one of them killed his own mother to make a statement.

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