Who Is the Strongest Character in Black Summoner?

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Who is the Strongest Character in Black Summoner Kelvin

Black Summoner is a fantasy anime that centers around Kelvin Celsius, who was transported to a new world. In his journey, he meets different people, friends, and foes. But who is the strongest character in Black Summoner, and how will Kelvin face them?

In the isekai anime, there are goddesses, gods, demons, and evil spirits. Various creatures reside in the fantasy world, which is why it might be hard to find out who the strongest is unless they face each other.


As an adventurer, Kelvin must meet these kinds of creatures to achieve his goal.

Who Is the Strongest Character in Black Summoner?

Who is Black Summoner's Strongest Character Kelvin Celsius

It is no surprise that Kelvin is the strongest character in Black Summoner.


The isekai anime wanted Kelvin to be like other male protagonists, with amazing abilities that no other human or creature can defeat. He is currently Rank S, Level 120 in the light novel series.

Also known as Demon-Killing Champion and Mentor of the Heroes, Kelvin is equipped with powerful weapons like the Boreas Death Scythe, wherein the blade emits magic from the tip that can distort space.

Kelvin also has Skill Eater, which are gloves that can copy any person's skill once they are touched, and Astarte’s Embrace, a robe that can deconstruct all magic that the wearer comes in contact with.

What Are Kelvin's Abilities in Black Summoner?

What Are Kelvin's Abilities in Black Summoner Kelvin Celsius

Kelvin has tons of abilities, including extrasensory perception, summoning, and power absorption.

He also has absolute protection from Melfina and has healing abilities that can cure his team.

With his huge arsenal of abilities and powerful weapons, Kelvin seems to be undefeatable.

Not to mention, Kelvin has amazing speed, immense striking strength, and intense durability that help him win every time.

Unlike other typical protagonists, Kelvin enjoys battles. He would get into various battles, making him seem like an antagonist.

This is probably because Kelvin knows how powerful he is, and he sees fighting as some sort of game or opportunity to test his powers.

But if Kelvin is already that powerful, what should Black Summoner fans anticipate from the fantasy anime?


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