Who is Stronger: Ant-Man vs. Spider-Man?

Spider-Man climbs over Ant-Man's oversized form
Credit: Marvel Studios

Spider-Man climbs over Ant-Man's oversized form
Credit: Marvel Studios

Ant-Man vs. Spider-Man briefly got into a fight in Captain America: Civil War as both heroes where part of opposing teams.

The threequel not only exhibited what would happen if the Avengers team split up and fought one another, but we also got to take a look at how a battle between Ant-Man and Spider-Man would go.

But if you think about it, the Civil War was fought between two different groups of heroes with a variety of superpowers. Who would come out triumphantly if a fight between Ant-Man vs. Spider-Man happens, though?

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Ant-Man vs. Spider-Man: Hank Pym’s Successor vs. Tony Stark’s Prodigy

Ant-Man enters the Quantumania
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Credit: Marvel Studios

Scott Lang became the superhero, Ant-Man, mainly because of the super suit he was provided with by Hank Pym, the original inventor of the Ant-Man suit.

Apart from Scott’s ability to shrink and grow based on what his fights call for, he’s pretty much an average human being wielding a super suit.

Oh, and thanks to the suit, he can also talk to other insects he could use for the ride and even help him in his battles.

Ant-Man also has leverage over Spider-Man for going up against the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s new big bad, Kang the Conqueror.

Spider-Man's suit in Spider-Man: No Way Home
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Credit: Marvel Studios

However, Peter Parker is not just his suit. Yes, Tony Stark provided him with a super suit that could enhance his web shooters and even far beyond his lone abilities as Spider-Man calls for, but he wouldn’t be the hero that he is if it weren’t for his brains.

As part of the youngest MCU heroes to exist, Peter is evidently smarter than Scott Lang, considering that Scott’s expertise falls under electrical engineering, whereas Peter’s leans more on Science, plus he has more superhero background experience.

Don’t forget his enhanced strength with or without his suit on.

Post-Tony Stark’s death, Peter even made his own technology using Stark Industries’ inventions by rendering himself a new and highly improved Spider-Man suit to face Mysterio in Spider-Man: Far From Home.

And if we’re comparing sizes here, if Scott Lang ever tried to make himself grow to face Spider-Man, Peter still beat him in his gigantic form through a movie reference, and well, with his own web-slinging antics.

In Goliath form, Scott also slowed himself down in the process.

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So, Who Is Stronger: Ant-Man vs. Spider-Man?

Spider-Man after defeating Mysterio in a fight
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Credit: Marvel Studios

Ant-Man vs. Spider-Man would probably come to a close if and only if Scott Lang would ever have the heart to distract the kid mid-battle.

If you take a closer look at it, Scott Lang is a grown man, and compared to the teenage Spider-Man, Peter also has yet another advantage here for being younger and slicker means to come up against his enemies.

If we’re looking at the fight beyond what Captain America: Civil War showcased, Peter Parker would no doubt beat Scott Lang because of two things: Spider-Man’s battle experience with Multiversal villains and his mystical Spidey powers.

Spider-Man is above all else a Spider — literally born to hunt down bugs and insects as food. So, as long as Spider-Man detains Ant-Man, Scott wouldn’t be able to do anything about his size at all.

The only other advantage Scott Lang would have over winning against Spider-Man would be using Hank Pym’s oversized army of ants (or other bugs) during the fight, but surely it wouldn’t come to that extent, now would it?

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