Who Is Soma’s Mother in Food Wars?

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Food Wars!: Shokugeki no Soma is about Soma Yukihira who wants to be a full-time chef in Restaurant Yukihira, which is owned by his father. He wanted to surpass the skills of his dad but suddenly his father got a different job that required him to travel the world. This made Joichiro close his shop and enroll Soma in Totsuki Saryo Culinary Institute, an elite culinary school. The school would require its students to take part in food competitions called shokugeki.

From there, Soma’s adventure as a student at an elite culinary school will be followed. Along with his journey, he will be with other aspiring chefs with their own skills and talent when it comes to cooking. Fans have noticed that the series did not talk much about Soma’s mother. Who is she?

Who Is Soma’s Mother in Food Wars?

Who Is Soma’s Mother in Food Wars?
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Who Is Soma’s Mother in Food Wars?

In season 5 of Food Wars!, it was revealed that Soma’s mother is Tamako Yukihira. From her appearance, fans of the series will immediately understand where Soma got his looks and personality. It seems that his love for cooking came from her.


Joichiro and Tamako met during one of Joichiro’s travels. He discovered a small family diner that couldn’t keep up with the customers’ orders. He was amazed by her love for helping their customers and in return, she appreciated his culinary skill set. The two of them continued to learn more about each other and fell in love.

Soma grew up in an environment wherein he saw his mom’s love in the kitchen, despite being a terrible chef. This is the reason he is comfortable in the kitchen no matter how much pressure he gets. When Soma was 12, he found his mother on the floor of the restaurant, grasping her chest. They took her to the hospital, later to find out that she has a congenital heart valve.

She lived for a month before passing away. Soma and Joichiro continued doing what they love despite suffering from Tamako’s death. Soma used to challenge his dad to a cooking contest when his mom was alive, and he continued this rivalry even after she died.

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