Who Does Yuzuriha End Up With in Hell's Paradise?

Who Does Yuzuriha End Up With in Hell's Paradise
Credit: MAPPA

Who Does Yuzuriha End Up With in Hell's Paradise
Credit: MAPPA

Yuzuriha is one of the most beloved side characters in Hell's Paradise. But who does Yuzuriha end up with?

Spoiler Warning: There are major spoilers for Hell's Paradise below!

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Does Yuzuriha End Up With Senta?

Does Yuzuriha End Up With Senta
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Credit: MAPPA

Senta develops a bit of a crush and he's very protective of Yuzuriha, but they don't end up together.

When the shogun chooses Yuzuriha as one of the convicts to go to the island to look for the elixir of life, Senta follows as her supervisor.

From the beginning, Senta and Yuzuriha have a better rapport than other Asaemon-prisoner pairs and they mostly get along despite their different backgrounds.

After momentarily defeating Mu Dan, Sagiri asks Senta about his interest in Yuzuriha.

Senta doesn't reveal a crush in the typical sense of the word, but he admits that he's attracted to Yuzuriha's free spirit.

Senta's Drawing of Yuzuriha
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Credit: MAPPA

Since his childhood, Senta was brought up with a clear path; to be an executioner, and his superiors never gave him another choice.

As such, his interactions with Yuzuriha, who refuses to compromise or be pinned down by rules, are a novel experience he cherishes.

When Mu Dan attacks again in an increasingly monstrous form, targeting Yuzuriha with his flowers, Senta acts quickly by pushing her aside and taking the hit himself.

As he dies, Senta realizes that he finds this a fitting ending, and he's happy that he could save Yuzuriha.

Does Yuzuriha End Up With Sagiri?

Does Yuzuriha End Up With Sagiri
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Credit: MAPPA

While Yuzuriha seems very fond of Sagiri, they don't end up together, but they remain a popular ship. And who knows what the future holds for them?

Yuzuriha might get along with Senta, Gabimaru, and the others, but she has a soft spot for Sagiri.

Throughout their time on the island, the two grow close and realize they're a good pair in battle.

Yuzuriha and Sagiri
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Credit: MAPPA

The epilogue of the Hell's Paradise manga reveals that Sagiri has decided to journey away from the Yamada clan for a while, having rejected an arranged marriage.

Yuzuriha, who has assumed a new identity to escape the law, is now traveling with Sagiri.

This, along with Sagiri's refusal to marry, has led many fans to believe the two women could become a couple.

However, the manga neither confirms nor denies this.

Does Yuzuriha End Up With Anyone?

Does Yuzuriha End Up With Anyone
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Credit: MAPPA

So far, Yuzuriha hasn't ended up with anyone in the manga or anime of Hell's Paradise.

Senta cares about her, and she remains close to Sagiri, but the manga leaves her romantic future open-ended.

One thing that makes fans fall in love with Yuzuriha is her desire to live for herself, without having a heartbreaking backstory.

Selfish as she might be, she's a one-woman show, and that's perfectly fine.

A queer subplot with her and Sagiri would have been great, and we still hope to see that in a future spin-off.

Meanwhile, that's what fanart and fanfiction are for.

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