Tokyo Ghoul Ending Explained

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Tokyo Ghoul Ending Explained: One-Eyed Ghoul Kaneki
Credit: Studio Pierrot and Pierrot Plus

Years after the release of its first season, the Tokyo Ghoul series remains one of the most well-known anime franchises ever. While the show's brilliance is an undying subject for debate, most of those who've seen it can agree on one thing: the ending can be a lot to take in. Good thing we can help! Here's the Tokyo Ghoul ending explained.

Note: Anime adaptations often differ slightly from their source manga. To deal with as little confusion as possible, we'll only be discussing the anime ending.

Warning: Major spoilers ahead!

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Tokyo Ghoul's Ending Explained

Tokyo Ghoul Ending Explained: Kaneki's Expanded Kagune
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In the last episode of Tokyo Ghoul:re, humans and ghouls fight off the monsters that keep spawning from the Dragon's mass while Kaneki and Ayato go search for its underground core to destroy it, as Kaneki seems to be the only one immune to its poison.

As the two become closer to the core, Ayato stays behind to hold off the monsters so Kaneki could go on further.

He then finds Furuta guarding the core, and the two battle it out even as humans and their ghoul allies keep fighting above ground.

After the two talk about their differing ideals as they fight, Kaneki successfully beats Furuta. Kaneki is then able to advance towards the core, where he finds Rize kept as the Dragon's energy source.

Kaneki bids his final goodbye to Rize, and the battle is won by the good guys.

The finale is a time skip to six years later, where humans and ghouls all live harmoniously with each other in Tokyo.

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What Happened to Rize at the End of Tokyo Ghoul?

Tokyo Ghoul Ending Explained: Kaneki finds Rize at the Dragon's core
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Not many people know that Rize survived the Steel Beam Incident in Season 1. As previously mentioned, in episode 24 of Tokyo Ghoul:re, Kaneki discovers that Rize is kept alive and has been the Dragon's energy source.

Before this unfavorable state, however, Rize had gone through many more unfortunate events after the Steel Beam Incident.

In a twist of fate as tragic as it is heart-rending, Kaneki has to be the one to end Rize's suffering, even as she had caused all of his.

Rize finally dies (for real, this time), and Kaneki is now truly able to move on from the darkest part of his life.

Tokyo Ghoul Ending Explained: Smiling Kaneki
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In the end, Kaneki is able to move toward a very fulfilling life. While many deem the anime's ending to be a bit rushed and disjointed, it actually is the one the characters deserve the most.

After what seemed like a never-ending horrible state of living, it's only right for the Tokyo Ghoul characters to get a happy ending.

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