13 Anime Like Tokyo Ghoul

Anime Like Tokyo Ghoul
Credit: Pierrot

Anime Like Tokyo Ghoul
Credit: Pierrot

Tokyo Ghoul became a major anime hit when it came out, and, while the subsequent anime media weren’t equally successful, the seinen anime and manga remains really popular with fans. So, if Tokyo Ghoul gave you an anime hangover, what should you watch next? We’ve gathered a list of anime like Tokyo Ghoul you should start watching.

  1. Parasyte: The Maxim

    Tokyo Ghoul features the struggle between Kaneki’s previous life as a kind, mild-mannered boy and the new aspect of his identity; a voracious ghoul.

    Similarly, Parasyte: The Maxim, - also a seinen anime - features a main character who is forced to share control of his body with another entity.

    Parasyte: the Maxim, is a similarly gritty psychological anime whereby alien parasites infiltrate human brains, controlling them and forcing them to act violently.

    When high-schooler Shinichi Izumi is attacked by one of the parasitic aliens, who takes over his right hand rather than his brain, the two are forced to coexist, navigating an environment that is now hostile for them both.

  2. Attack on Titan

    If you enjoy dark series like Tokyo Ghoul, you might also want to pick up Attack on Titan in the improbable case that you haven’t already.

    Attack on Titan doesn’t need much of an introduction. It suffices to say that both shows feature a struggle between humanity and voracious supernatural beings, as well as main characters whose transformation changes everything.

    If you’ve somehow managed to avoid major spoilers for either series, we won't spoil much here, but it suffices to say that such a transformation might lead characters to adopt a darker identity, and both anime understand that.

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  3. Ajin

    Ajin, is arguably one of the anime closest to Tokyo Ghoul in terms of style and themes. The show follows Kei Nagai, a high school student who knew very little about Ajin – mysterious immortal humans who are considered a threat because they use their powers for dark purposes and cannot be destroyed – until he became one.

    Similarly to Kaneki, the protagonist of Tokyo Ghoul, Nagai finds himself in an accident he wasn’t supposed to survive, only to wake up realizing he has become a being his society hates.

    Dubbed by some fans as “the non-mainstream version of Tokyo GhoulAjin features an identity struggle that is similar to Kaneki, with both Kaneki and Nagai becoming hardened by their change.

  4. Deadman Wonderland

    Don’t let the whimsical second component of Deadman Wonderland’s title deceive you! This is another gory anime about a dysfunctional found family that might remind you of the ghoul-owned coffee shop that takes Kaneki in.

    Ganta Igarashi, who is convicted for a crime he doesn’t recall committing, finds himself in a prison-like amusement park, where overpowered convicts have to fight for the onlookers’ entertainment.

    Both anime feature a male main character who led a normal life until becoming implicated in a dangerous, supernatural adventure, led by a more assertive female character, as well as a group who is feared due to their mysterious powers.

  5. Shiki

    Shiki might have strange art that feels a bit off in the 2020s, but it’s still interesting in its exploration of a horrifying conflict between humans and supernatural beings.

    Vampirism in Shiki starts as an epidemic that kicks off following the death of a young girl and threatens to turn the entire village into a living hell – or, well, a living dead hell.

    The vampires, or Shiki, as they call themselves, still desire to live, but this puts them in direct opposition with the villagers who don't want their home to turn into a vampire ghost town.

    This plight is similar to that of the ghouls, some of whom wish to peacefully coexist with humans, even though they can’t help consuming them.

  6. Akame Ga Kill

    Akame Ga Kill follows Tatsumi, a rather naïve village boy who joins Night Reid, the secret assassination branch of a revolutionary army.

    Compared to other works on this list, it bears fewer similarities to Tokyo Ghoul, but fans of one are quite likely to enjoy the other.

    Both anime feature a protagonist who led a quiet life before becoming part of a secret organisation. Both feature action and their fair share of killing – you have been warned!

  7. Psycho Pass

    In later Tokyo Ghoul seasons, police forces have quite a lot of screen time, as the anime attempts to show both sides of the human-ghoul conflict.

    Psycho Pass might not feature blood-thirsty creatures, but it’s an equally suspenseful seinen anime in which police forces mercilessly use the world’s advanced technology to determine the threat level of each citizen, and take any measure to eliminate these possible threats.

    If you loved the dark atmosphere of Tokyo Ghoul, Psycho Pass could be your next binge watch!

  8. Elfen Lied

    Elfen Lied is a very violent and gritty anime whose mature themes are not for everyone. If the conflict between humans and ghouls intrigued you, however, you might want to give Elfen Lied a chance.

    In its dystopian world, diclonii are overpowered girls with telekinetic powers, who are capable of causing horrifying damage to humans. While their monstrosity can’t be denied, these girls are treated horribly and experimented upon, making for violent and often heart-breaking conflict.

    Lucy – the main character in Elfen Lied – and Kaneki could not be any more different, but they both tried, at one point or another to peacefully coexist with humans, before being thwarted by a world that would rather exterminate their kind completely.

  9. Bungou Stray Dogs

    Like Kaneki when he first joins fellow ghouls, Atsushi in Bungou Stray Dogs is very new in the supernatural organization he joins, while both series feature characters who aren’t entirely human fighting against each other.

    The similarities here lie in the plot formula, rather than the atmosphere, as Bungou Stray Dogs is decidedly more upbeat and less gritty, but if you enjoyed Tokyo Ghoul, you might still like it.

    Plus, it’s a great opportunity to find out more about well-known Japanese writers and their works.

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  10. Another

    Tokyo Ghoul often steps into horror territory, and if this is when you like it the most, you might want to try Another.

    The plot of Another is more close-knit, and it revolves around a cursed classroom whose members try to find who is the dead one among them before mysterious accidents wipe them all out.

    However, both Another and Tokyo Ghoul have similar art styles and a dark, creepy feel, as well as main characters with eyepatches!

  11. Highschool of the Dead

    Highschool of the Dead might resonate with Tokyo Ghoul fans as the anime also features human-eating creatures.

    When the sudden appearance of zombies leaves Japan in chaos, it's not long before they start terrorizing a high school.

    Student Takashi Kimuro is tragically forced to kill his best friend who gets bitten and becomes infected. From there on, Takashi vows to protect Rei Miyamoto, the girlfriend of the boy he has just killed.

    The two manage to escape from the school, only to find out that the society that awaits them outside isn’t any better.

    If the struggle of some Tokyo Ghoul characters to lead normal lives in a dangerous world resonated with you, you need to give Highschool of the Dead a try.

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  12. Death Parade

    If you would like something a little less gory, but still mature and thought-provoking, Death Parade might appeal to you.

    The Quindecim bar is an attractive location, not unlike the coffee shop that secretly supports ghouls who wish to live in harmony with humans. But like it, it hides a sinister secret.

    The bar is, in fact, the place where souls go after death. Through games, that usually culminate in grand revelations, the patrons’ who are already dead, have a chance to determine the fate of their souls.

  13. Inuyashiki

    If a human’s transformation into something much more powerful is the aspect of Tokyo Ghoul that most resonated with you, Inuyashiki might be your next watch!

    Ichirou Inuyashiki is a 58-year-old terminally ill man with an emotionally unavailable family. His life is about to change, however, as he’s hit by a meteor and turned into a powerful cyborg.

    His newfound powers allow him to save lives, but are there any dangers associated with his new form?

    While Inuyashiki comes to term with his transformation – which isn’t as devastating as Kaneki’s anyway – both are gritty psychological anime, and if you liked one, you’ll likely enjoy the other.

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