Find Out How to Watch the Monster Anime Online

Where to Watch Monster Anime
Credit: Madhouse

Where to Watch Monster Anime
Credit: Madhouse

Monster has had licensing issues for a long time, making it especially hard to find. So, where can you watch the Monster anime? Is it on Netflix, Prime Video, Crunchyroll, or elsewhere?

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Find Out More About the Haunting Mystery Called Monster

About Monster Anime
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Credit: Madhouse

If you're looking for mystery anime to test your brain, don't only look into new titles. Monster is a true anime classic that has haunted us for some time with its intense ethical dilemmas and terrifying antagonist.

Monster is the story of Dr. Kenzo Tenma, a Japanese neurosurgeon working in Germany.

Engaged with the hospital director's daughter and with a clear talent for brain surgery, Tenma is enjoying elite status.

But when, against his conscience, he prioritizes treating a celebrity over another patient who arrived first, resulting in the latter's death, Tenma swears never to make the same mistake again.

Thus, when the town mayor is in dire need of surgery, Tenma refuses to abandon the patient he's operating on at the time — a young boy.

Monster Anime
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Credit: Madhouse

This decision, however, will haunt Tenma for the rest of his life.

Tenma's choice to follow his conscience costs him and endangers his status, but all those who could demote him wind up mysteriously dead.

With no evidence against him, Tenma is free to return to his everyday life.

But what will Tenma do when Johan, the boy he saved, turns out to be a monster — a serial killer who can sweet-talk nearly anyone into killing themselves?

Bereft of anything that used to give his life meaning, Tenma sets out to destroy the monster he has created. But this will not be an easy task, given that this monster might be one of the smartest anime characters of all time.

Is Monster on Netflix?

Where to Watch Monster Anime Netflix
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Credit: Madhouse

As of writing, Monster is finally available to watch on Netflix. In the past, Monster used to only be available in North America, but it's finally available on Netflix elsewhere.

Netflix often updates its anime library with new titles, including classic ones, so Monster made it to the European version of the platform eventually.

It is currently available in the original Japanese dub with English subtitles. A French dub is also on Netflix, but no news of an English dub has come out as of writing.

Is Monster on Prime Video?

Is Monster Anime on Amazon
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Credit: Madhouse

Monster used to be on Prime Video, but this was only the case for fans based in North America.

It is currently still on the platform, but the videos appear unavailable. We'll update this space if it returns in the future.

Is Monster on Crunchyroll?

Is Monster Anime on Crunchyroll
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Credit: Madhouse

Monster is not available on Crunchyroll at this time.

We doubt that this will change in the future, given all the licensing issues so far, but we'll update this space if the anime ever lands on the streaming service.

Is Monster on HIDIVE?

Where to Watch Monster Anime Funimation
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Credit: Madhouse

HIDIVE is not currently one of the places where you can watch Monster.

The up-and-coming streaming service does offer some older classics such as Vampire Hunter D, but its library isn't as rich as Crunchyroll's.

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Is Monster on Hulu?

Is Monster on Hulu
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Credit: Madhouse

Monster isn't currently available to watch on Hulu. However, the Hulu library keeps expanding, so you're bound to find some anime to love on that streaming service!

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Where Else Can I Watch Monster?

Where Else to Watch Monster Anime
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Credit: Madhouse

Monster is currently only available to watch on Netflix. The psychological anime, which mostly unfolds in Germany, can find an audience in Europe, so we expected it to become more widely available sooner or later.

Since Netflix series come and go all the time, its circumstances might change yet again, so binge it soon!

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