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The Outpost
Cast: Scott EastwoodCaleb Landry JonesOrlando BloomErnest CavazosTaylor John Smith
Genres: WarDramaHistoryAction
Director: Rod Lurie
Release Date: Jun 24, 2020
A small unit of U.S. soldiers, alone at the remote Combat Outpost Keating, located deep in the valley of three mountains in Afghanistan, battles to defend against an overwhelming force of Taliban fighters in a coordinated attack. The Battle of Kamdesh, as it was known, was the bloodiest American engagement of the Afghan War in 2009 and Bravo Troop 3-61 CAV became one of the most decorated units of the 19-year conflict.

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Frequently Asked Questions about The Outpost:

When was The Outpost released?

The original release date of The Outpost was on 2020-06-24.

What was the budget for The Outpost?

The Outpost had a budget of 18 million USD.

How much did The Outpost earn at the US box office?

The Outpost grossed 2.1 million USD at the US box office.

How long is The Outpost?

The Outpost is 123 minutes long.

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