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Seven Days
Cast: Claude LegaultRémy GirardMartin DubreuilFanny MalletteRose-Marie Coallier
Genres: DramaHorrorThriller
Director: Daniel Grou
Release Date: Jun 22, 2010
Like many happy people, Bruno Hamel is leading an uneventful life until one afternoon, when his daughter is raped and murdered. When the murderer is arrested, a terrible project germinates in Bruno's darkened mind. He plans to capture the "monster" and make him pay for his crime.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Seven Days:

When was Seven Days released?

The original release date of Seven Days was on 2010-06-22.

How long is Seven Days?

Seven Days is 105 minutes long.

What is the original title of Seven Days?

The original title of Seven Days is "Les 7 jours du talion".

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