Where to Watch and Stream 장난스런 키스 Season 1 Free Online

장난스런 키스 poster
장난스런 키스
Cast: Kim Hyun-joongJung So-minLee Tae-sungLee Si-youngJung Hye-young
Genres: Comedy
Seasons: 2
Release Date: Sep 01, 2010
Rating:8 / 10
A clumsy high-school girl - Oh Ha-ni - is at the bottom of her class, and she has had a crush on a popular genius, Baek Seung-Jo, ever since she first laid eyes on him.

How to watch 장난스런 키스

Amazon Prime Video
Rakuten Viki

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장난스런 키스 Season 1 Episode Guide

  • S1 | E1Episode 1
  • S2 | E2Episode 2
  • S3 | E3Episode 3
  • S4 | E4Episode 4
  • S5 | E5Episode 5
  • S6 | E6Episode 6
  • S7 | E7Episode 7
  • S8 | E8Episode 8
  • S9 | E9Episode 9
  • S10 | E10Episode 10
  • S11 | E11Episode 11
  • S12 | E12Episode 12
  • S13 | E13Episode 13
  • S14 | E14Episode 14
  • S15 | E15Episode 15
  • S16 | E16Episode 16

Where to Watch Every Season of 장난스런 키스


Season 1

Frequently Asked Questions about Mischievous Kiss:

Is Mischievous Kiss still in production?

No, Mischievous Kiss is not in production.

When was the last episode of Mischievous Kiss aired?

The last episode of Mischievous Kiss aired on 2010-10-21.

When did Mischievous Kiss first air?

Mischievous Kiss first aired on 2010-09-01.

How many seasons does Mischievous Kiss have?

Mischievous Kiss has 1 season.

How many episodes does Mischievous Kiss have?

Mischievous Kiss has 17 episodes.

How long are Mischievous Kiss episodes?

Mischievous Kiss episodes are 64 minutes long.

What is the original name of Mischievous Kiss?

The original name of Mischievous Kiss is "장난스런 키스".

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